The COVID Chronicles – Part 6

The COVID Chronicles – Part 6

Hooray! My taste is back! It brought with it a fun new symptom… aching legs. It starts at my hips, and progresses down. It feels like I’m tight, but no amount of stretching or movement helps. The most comfortable position is standing, but I’m too tired for that. I’m beholden to acetaminophen for predictable and complete relief for about 7 hours at a pop.

My favorite mother-in-law stopped by with a fun surprise for me. She tried to claim ignorance when I texted to thank her, but my “new fangled dangle contraption” of a doorbell busted her.

What shall we name him?

Being our last predicted day of 70 degree weather, I sat outside on the back deck for a while. It was very windy, yet soothing.

I would have fallen asleep, except I couldn’t stop watching Maranda Arbogast (@marandaarbo) on TikTok. If you have TikTok and haven’t come across her yet, you’re missing out. She’s my favorite thing today.


going through snapchat filters 😅 ##snapchatsucks ##tiktok ##RedBullDanceYourStyle ##foryou

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

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