The COVID Chronicles – Part 5

The COVID Chronicles – Part 5

It finally happened. This morning, The Girl brought up some bacon, and it was no longer the delicious strips of smoky goodness. I couldn’t really taste it. The Girl had been trying to explain to me that she could tell what something was and tell the difference between flavors, but couldn’t really taste them. I get it now. That feeling of immense sadness that comes when I can tell it’s bacon, discern the the umami as it melts in my mouth, but the full flavor is floating just out of reach, floating away like all my gainz.

On the bright side, I’m breathing easier today, though very stuffed up, and sooooo tired. I think I’ve slept more than not. But, I have my nurse taking care of me. He barely leaves my side – even when I get up to go to the washroom. He’s such a good boy. My hair, not so good.

Love my nurse-kitty, Alex!

If I don’t post tomorrow, don’t worry. It’ll just mean there’s nothing new to report.


  1. Andrea

    Every single thing you’ve written about I felt in March! Take care of yourself and unfortunately it took me a month to stop being so tired and headache free. Hang in there and I’ll keep read!

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