The COVID Chronicles – Part 7 (The End)

The COVID Chronicles – Part 7 (The End)

My coffee view this morning!

I’m free from COVID jail! I’m feeling pretty good, though I am under orders to ease SLOWLY into working out to give my lungs time to recover. I’ve already started 20 minute yoga practices, and will increase the length of those, plus add in bits and bobs of walking on the hamster wheel and riding the air bike. And, when I’m back to doing some semblance of CrossFit, I have the doc’s blessing to return to my gym with all my happy antibodies! Let’s just hope we’re not on statewide lockdown by then.

Meanwhile, I worked up a good schvitz this morning cleaning the floors. They were disgussitating!

I still can’t get over the fact that we got COVID in here. I don’t know anyone who is more cautious than we are, yet here we are, ever so thankfully on the other side of it. Despite not getting retested, my docs are 100% confident in saying this has been COVID, so I’m even more grateful that I stayed out of the hospital – it could have been so much worse. In six weeks (per my GP’s recommended timeline) Hubs and I will get antibody tests… because inquiring minds want to know (don’tcha know?).

So, there you go – the last of the COVID Chronicles (I hope).

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