The COVID Chronicles – Part 4

The COVID Chronicles – Part 4

Yesterday, I felt so much better! I never napped, and was up past midnight. I even did a light, 7-minute, bedtime yoga practice. Yeah, I still persperatedly drenched the sheets, but only woke once because of it. Then, morning came with some chest tightness. I could take a deep breath, but it for sure took more effort than it should have. But, I suppose that’s par for the course here. Still, my vitals are good, temp subnormal, so I’m not going to worry yet.

Oh, speaking of golf, did you hear Donny was golfing when he got some news?

And thus breathing became a tad easier. I kid you not!

Yesterday I had the brilliant realization that I had another avenue to get retested that purportedly was quite snappy in both the test experience and result getting. My gynecologist is part of a hospital network (Northwestern Medicine) that does drive up testing if you have a doctor’s order. I messaged her with my story and vitals, and got a call back saying of course she was putting the order in right now.

So, this morning, once I ate a little breakfast, I put on something suitable for public, and drove to the closest test site. I followed the directions, parked in a designated spot, and called the number to check in. The first few tries, it rang and rang and rang, then disconnected me. Shades of IDPH intake number calls. Finally, I got through, gave them my pertinent details, and was told that there was no order in the system. Grrr. Of course her office is closed, so I have to wait until Monday now to get this straightened out. Why is this so much of a hassle to get tested?!?!

I turned around and drove home. To add insult to injury, 93.9fm has started playing Christmas music already. It should be illegal to do that until after Thanksgiving. Seriously. The earlier I hear the songs, the sooner I tire of them. I mean, by ACTUAL Christmas, I am ready to listen to literally anything else. ANYTHING. Bring on the Tibetan bowl music. Amirite, Holly?

When I arrived home, I was utterly exhausted. Almost too tired to talk. I tried to nap, but sleep wouldn’t come. Eventually, I got out of bed, and came out here to my deck (because it’s still unseasonably warm) to have a snack and talk to you lovely folks. And now, I’m going back up to bed. Eve and Villanelle are beckoning.

Mmm… Spanikopita

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