The COVID Chronicles – Part 3

The COVID Chronicles – Part 3

Winter is coming, but COVID is in da house!

I’m happy to report that The Girl is feeling much better. Her sense of taste and smell is coming back (albeit, slowly) and she’s even gained some survival skills during her incarceration. For example, the other day, she learned that her eyeballs do indeed work to find things.

Also, she is quite anxious for her release from isolation tomorrow.

Now, let us backtrack a few days, because we’re certainly in the midst of a shitshow, aren’t we? Let’s get those ballots counted already so the big orange manbaby can concede (like he’ll ever do that).

As it happens, As Hubs and I sat down to watch the early returns Tuesday night, I started to get that not-so-good feeling. Chills, aches, and a light cough that wouldn’t go away. We’d yet to receive our test results, but I just knew I was touched by the plague. I took my temp and it was 100.3, and climbing. It’s amazing how quickly the symptoms hit. By the time I went to bed (alone – Hubs took to the guest room), everything hurt from my hair to my toenails. Sleep was not steady. I woke up multiple times, drenched in sweat. I’d change my shirt and undies, go to the washroom (the fever definitely was cooking my guts, boiling it all down to water, if you catch my drift), and try to find a dry spot on the bed to go back to sleep. Good times.

Wednesday morning, I managed to send off a message Alla (my heme-onc doc, in case you’re newish here), and she advised me to start 81mg of aspirin daily (to mitigate COVID clots), hydrate, rest, and get a pulse oximeter, with instructions to head to the ER if my pulse ox goes below 92%. More good times! I also got much more stringent about taking all the Vitamin C, Elderberry, and Zinc supplements. I figure, it couldn’t hoit.

Thursday came with a lower temp (99.9 most of the day), less coughing, fewer aches, but an off and on crushing headache and lots of fatigue. I did manage to shower after lunch. Normally, when sick, a shower is a bit invigorating. Not so here. As soon as I got out, I had to sit down so I wouldn’t pass out. The cat stared at me like I was nuts.

Speaking of the cat, Alex had been sneezing and sleeping more than usual, moving slowly, and often looking at me with heavily lidded eyes. I’m fairly certain he caught it from The Girl. However,  this morning was finally no longer sneezing and totally had the crazies (some call it zoomies), and he can’t seem to understand why we’re not going downstairs.

I’m relieved to say that I’m feeling much better today as well. I’m still tired and head congested, yet so very thankful to have kept my sense of taste and smell. Still, I remain guarded in my optimism. I know that some lose that joy a few more days into this sickness. I also know that it’s possible that I will take a turn for the worse in another day or so, but I’m really hoping not.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a bit of a Midwestern miracle going on. Would you believe that I’m writing this from my back deck? It’s 73 and Sunny in November, and that’s an amazing gift. Another gift? After at least a month of neglect, our remaining outdoor herb garden is still going. It’s going a little crazy, but it’s going.

Oh, and one more – Killing Eve season 3 is finally on Hulu – just in time for my quarantine binge watching pleasure! What is the deal with that bird shirt, anyway?

On a last note (for now), the whole weekend is supposed to be gorgeous, so I think I’ll take some of Dr. McOrange Liarpants Manbaby’s advice and see if I can get some of the sun to shine up my arse and cure me.

*Dislcaimer – any atypical, repetitive or poor writing is to be blamed on COVID brain fog and me being too tired to proofread anymore, while at the same time, eager to update y’all.

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