Quarantine Craziness

Quarantine Craziness

When Governor Pritzker put us all in lockdown mode, Hubs and I got a little silly with the clippers. He was, after all, due for a trim, as was I. So, we buzzed each other. I did his top. He did my sides.

We figured why not, since it’ll grow out plenty in a month.

When Pritzker extended the stay-at-home order by another 5 or so weeks, we decided it was time for another trim. This time, we went all the way. First, I shaved his head. Then….

It got me thinking. The last time I let him shave my head was when my hair was falling out from Chemo. I wondered when that was, so I looked it up. Would you believe it was exactly 5 years ago to the day?! I shit you not!

Yeah – blew my mind too!

But, we’ve been doing other things besides haircuts while under quarantine. On Easter Sunday, it was fairly nice out (though cloudy), so we spent a bunch of the day outside.

Another weekend day, both The Girl and Hubs both managed to walk through some burr bushes. I freaking HATE those things!

My favorite thing thus far was the day Hubs built me a squat rack in the basement.

Later we added another set of brackets for bench pressing.

So, yeah. That’s the haps around here. Tomorrow (or sometime soon, when I take a pretty food photo), I’ve got a super easy recipe coming your way.

Stay home! Stay Safe!

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