The Time I Forgot How to Do the Most Basic of Tasks

The Time I Forgot How to Do the Most Basic of Tasks

I’m sure that by now you’ve either heard about or experienced how stressful these #stayhome days are for families with school-aged kids at home. We had a particularly frustrating day here that involved a lot of screaming and crying.

I began my day on the phone with Apple because the screen time passcode I’d set for The Girl’s phone wasn’t working properly – it had mysteriously reverted back to an old passcode that, despite her protestations, her father and I know she knows. It’s why we needed to change it in the first place. Well, the kid really knows her way aroudn The Googles, and found that she can reset her phone and it’ll revert back to the old passcode, even if my phone works with the new one. Well, unfortunately, we had to erase the phone and set it up as new, as restoring from a backup gave an error.

After a lovely long chat with my Apple support representative (she truly was lovely), we moved on to to The Girl’s school work. Cue screaming and crying.

Sooooo… I didn’t eat lunch until about 3:30pm. I didn’t work out until 5pm. I finally ate dinner around 7 and just now took a shower (7:45m).

While showering tonight, I was thinking to myself, “I think I’m handling all of this surprisingly well… I’ve heard many a mom confess to sneaking away to have a cry over how incredibly difficult it is to parent right now, and I don’t think I’ve cried at all.” And then, I…


I mean, I don’t think my Incredibles chocolate had kicked in. It hadn’t been nearly long enough – maybe 10 minutes since I ate it. Yet, somehow, I was suddenly at a loss in regards to how to wash my own damn face. I pumped the cleanser onto my Clarisonic brush. I had the brush in my right hand, and started to feel confused as I began wiping my face with my empty left hand. I knew something wasn’t right with that, but I wasn’t sure what it was. After a long 3 seconds, I remembered what to do, and switched. I felt great relief at solving this conundrum.

By the time I got downstairs and Hubs and I said goodnight to The Girl, the chocolatey goodness was just beginning to creep up on me. I started to recount the tale of my temporarily forgotten basic skill, and I began laughing at myself, and I couldn’t stop. I’ve calmed down now, but my abs feel like I just did 100 situps and I am still amused at myself.


Stay the F#@k Home!

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