Alaska Cruise – July 28-30, 2023

Alaska Cruise – July 28-30, 2023

July 28th

Sea day – I had a rough day l. I woke up around 8am, had breakfast, played a little pickleball, ate lunch, played Harry Potter trivia (super hard, obscure questions), painted my nails and then napped the afternoon away (just tired, or foreshadowing something more sinister?). We dressed in our other finest outfits for the Gala night.

We enjoyed dinner followed by conversation with our fellow passengers until well past midnight.

July 29th

Another day at sea and last night on board… I woke around 8am again, had breakfast, and played some pickleball. I never did go back to the gym on bord, but between pickleball and all the walking around, I got more than my share of steps and activity.

After lunch, TG, Mom & I played more trivia in the Vista Lounge – this time it was Friends trivia. They really make it difficult. Mom’s an expert and we still only answered 12/20 questions correctly! Right after that, we crossed the length of the ship to the Princess Theater, where we laughed ourselves silly with the comedic stylings of Gary DeLena (not to be confused with British comic, Gary Delaney). Dude is hilarious!

After the show, we sadly had to pack up our suitcases to disembark tomorrow. We docked in Victoria, BC from 7pm-11pm, but didn’t bother getting off the ship. Instead, we had a fabulously filling final dinner in the Skagway dining room. Hubs went to bed early, but TG and I played a couple of rounds of trivia (Movie Mania and 90’s TV Shows) with a young couple on their 2nd anniversary trip. They were a lot of fun. We even won the Movie Mania. I donated my water bottle prize to the little girl at the next table. She was very excited.

In between games, I went to get a drink. I missed the first question of 90’s Trivia, but TG took a photo of the screen, so I was able to correct their guess. I forget what was, but I got it right. I was walking back as I saw #2 on the screen. TG was looking for me for help, so I called out, “I got it. I know this one.” The clue had to do with Candace Bushnell’s book by the same name… SATC of course. J We did ok, but didn’t win that game. Still, we had the prize of a nice final evening together.

July 30th

Unfortunately, on the last night, someone had cranked up the heat in our cabin, so I had to cool down the room with the thermostat lowered and the balcony door open for a while. Still, I couldn’t sleep. I was itchy, hot, sweaty, cold… I think I got three hours of sleep all night. Thankfully, we only had to wake up, shower, and have breakfast, then travel from Seattle back home.

Stanley, the Princess mascot, was kind enough to see everyone off as we disembarked.

We got to the airport with literally hours to spare. I just can’t wait to get back home to my own bed, ceiling fan, and Alex. Special thank you shout out to the Sprices and my brother for taking care of Alex while we were gone!

Souvenirs: Christmas tree ornaments, pins, a piece of faux taxidermy, 4 lbs & COVID. Yep, Hubs came down with the ‘Rona. Thanks to modern science, vaccines, and natural evolution, it was mild – like a bad cold. I think that’s what had him in bed early the last night, and likely why I slept away the afternoon on Thursday (and perhaps my upset bowels a couple of days prior were also that, and not from my caloric indulgences).

Well. That’s all I’ve got on this one. Until the next noteworthy happening… 

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