Not a Fish

Not a Fish

Today was one of those days where I had pretty big anxiety over nothing specific. On the way to the gym I could barely sit still – I had such shpilkies. I was actually the first to start warming up on the bikes. Mind you, most days I don’t even make it there in time for that part of the warmup. Well, by the time the workout was over, I felt about 90% better, and set about relaxing thoughts as I drove home. 

I thought it’d be nice to surprise TG by setting up our favorite Halloween decoration before school let out. So, before I even showered (or went to the bathroom – relevant later), I tried to get the furniture dolly off the wall so I could roll the toilet out of the garage. Confused? click the link a couple of sentences back.

Little did I know that there was a bit of line from a fishing pole wrapped around one of the dolly wheels. What’s more, I definitely did not see the hook on said line, though I bet my neighbors heard me when it dug in to my knuckle.

Thankfully, I managed to set down the dolly, untangle the line, and take the rod and myself into the house to interrupt Hubs’ meeting so he could drive me to the ER. What? You think I was going to let him pull it out?!

In the car on the way to the ER

Once we got there, checked in, I tried to keep myself calm despite the pain at the slightest movement. We got into a room, and settled in for a wait. But I couldn’t settle. I always make sure to hydrate well when I work out, and if you recall, I had not gone to the bathroom before this whole thing happened. I was waiting for them to come numb me and pull the hook out. But it had been over an hour and I couldn’t take it anymore. One problem… I could not pull down my shorts without both hands. This is where true love reigns. Hubs pulled down my sweat-soaked (from the gym!) shorts, helped me into a gown, and I walked down the hall to the nearest lavatory. Aaahhhhhhh. 

I tell you, just relieving the pressure on my bladder helped with my hand pain. And, once again Hubs showed his love by putting my shorts back on for me.

Shortly after that, in popped the doc to take a look, and a little while later a nice PA named Zach came in, numbed me up (which burned like the dickens), and pulled out the hook with zero fanfare. Turns out that the barb was just outside the puncture, so it was not such a big deal. Although, I still had to wait around at least another hour for wound irrigation and a tetanus shot. In hind sight, the ER trip was probably not necessary, but I still needed that tetanus booster and a scrip for antibiotics, so it wasn’t the worst idea to go.

One more image from the ER. Here, you can clearly see the barb, taunting me.

We finally got home just before TG, who was home when I got out of the shower and asked, “Are you still a fish?” Nope. Not a fish. Just a doofus with a tingly hand who doesn’t have to worry about getting tetanus for a while.

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