Alaska Cruise – July 27, 2023

Alaska Cruise – July 27, 2023

It was a bit of a rough morning as I woke up in Skagway after last night’s shenanigans. I didn’t make it up in time to play pickleball with my dad and Hubs. I don’t know how Hubs got up in time.

Getting into town was interesting. You may have heard about the rock slides destroying the docks in Skagway. Well, they rebuilt the docks and made a tunnel out of shipping containers to protect people from getting conked in the noggin as they made their way into town. I meant to get pics on our way back, but I totally forgot in our rush to get back to the ship… but I’m getting ahead of my story.

Today’s excursion was a two-hour “Ghost and Goodtime Girls” walking tour. We walked around the couple blocks of the port town, guided by Madame Lavinia Moore. She told us the history of Skagway from the Gold Rush days, when the town was filled with those hoping to make their fortunes in gold, plus grifters, cheats, and scammers. Of course, this included about 300 ladies of ill repute. We also heard tales of some of the unsettled spirits that remain in the town. Our tour ended with a champagne toast and tour of the Red Onion Saloon museum with remnants of the brothel it once was.

View from a park in town.

We grabbed a couple of beverages and some nachos in the Red Onion Saloon’s restaurant, then browsed some of the shops in town. We realized it was going to be a tight squeeze if we wanted to make it back in time for Puppies in the Piazza, which TG was determined to do. This was the rush that had me forgetting to take pics of the shipping container tunnel. Happily, we made it back just in time and we got to pet one of three 12-week old sled pups who were sound asleep. They bring them on board in Skagway as part of their socialization. Right before they come on board, the handlers play with them for about an hour, then bring them to the pillows. They are trained to take a nap when they lay down on them. Being so tired out from play, they really pass out.

Coming up: the last post of the trip.

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