Alaska Cruise – July 26, 2023

Alaska Cruise – July 26, 2023

At 7:00 my phone started buzzing between my alarm clock and my parents texting me about glaciers as we cruised by Endicott Arm. I slept through Dawes glacier, but that’s ok. I did step out on the balcony in my undies to see the icebergs. Yes, it was cold. No, we did not play pickleball in this brrrr weather.

Now I can say that I’ve seen enough ice to last me a lifetime. unless it’s in my 40oz Stanley drinker (IYKYK).

After another delish Indian lunch at the buffet (for me, anyway), we disembarked for our whale watching excursion. We did indeed see whales. It was pretty cool.

That night, after dinner, we went to and walked out of a show: From Broadway to Buble. It was one of the guys from the show the first night singing his favorites and talking a lot about himself. Dude didn’t seem to understand that his job was to sing hits that we’d all enjoy – most of his selections were the more obscure songs from shows and bands he liked. At one point, he talked about how he can’t wait until he’s old enough to play a particular role, then sang Bring Him Home from Les Miserables. He nearly butchered it. He will never get that role. Yes, I’m being judgy, but believe me, he was not good. My parents fell asleep at one point and TG thought it was hilarious, so she took a pic.

Then, TG fell asleep and I took a pic. LOL.

Once she woke up, we got up and walked out. TG went up to bed.

I spied my friend, Tiffany, who I met the first day. She and her husband, Gary, were finishing up their dinner at Bistro Sur La Mer, and Hubs and I started talking with them. We wound up talking and laughing (and drinking), barhopping around the ship until well past midnight.  At one point, Tiffany gave a fabulous rendition of The Shoop Shoop Song at karaoke. I’m not kidding when I say she was much better than the guy we walked out on earlier. 

Stay tuned for three and a half more days of the trip!

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