Alaska Cruise – July 25, 2023

Alaska Cruise – July 25, 2023

Good morning Ketchikan! It started out cloudy, but boy, did it clear up later. Hubs woke early, and his phone hadn’t updated to the local time, so mentally, he was an hour ahead. Ooops. Same happened to Dad, who texted me about pickleball about the same time.

To be fair, he probably would have been happy to play at 6:30am.
Panoramic view from our balcony


I hung out with TG & Hubs until they left for their zipline excursion. Then went up for another great oatmeal bowl followed by pickleball with Dad. I was very happy to have nice weather (60ish and partly sunny).

In addition to the zipline, the course included obstacles to traverse on foot (with a safety harness, of course).

They had a great time, but were a bit late getting back because the bus screwed up and left their group behind. Cruise tip: this is the number one reason to book your excursions through the cruise line. Even if they had they been later than our scheduled departure time, the ship would have waited for them. But, if they were on an independent excursion (which TBH is often cheaper), and didn’t get back by the time we were planning to depart, they’d be SOL. The ship would not have waited.

I was sitting with Dad at the buffet when they got back and I could see their bus pull in. I texted hubs that I could see him. He was sitting outside a souvenir shop, waiting for TG. I laughed as he started looking around. I got up and walked outside, and waved my arm between some glass barriers. He kept looking. I called out to him. he stood up, shielding his eyes from the sun trying to spot me. I texted him again and told him where to look. This went on for a few minutes before I finally gave up. I walked back to my seat at the buffet, sat down, and Dad was cracking up because TG had come out and they were both shielding their eyes, looking up, trying to spot me. I texted them where we were sitting, and they finally boarded the ship to come up and meet us.

Once they got some food in them, we spent our afternoon doing trivia. I think it’s the one ship activity that we all three enjoy doing together, save for eating. We played three separte games in a row: general trivia, TV trivia, and 80s movie trivia. We didn’t win anything, but we sure had fun.

After trivia, we freshened up for super casual dinner at Gigi’s Pizzeria on board. When we were finished, TG went back to the cabin, my parents went somewhere (dancing? sleep?) and Hubs and I went to the Take Five Lounge for a cocktail and then a bit of live jazz to cap off the night.

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