Alaska Cruise – July 24, 2023

Alaska Cruise – July 24, 2023

Sea Day. We woke up relatively early, had breakfast (yay me for putting together a good oatmeal bowl with some raisins, nuts, seeds, and fruit), caffeinated ourselves, and I went to the fitness center. I forgot how difficult it is to balance, especially with weights, when the ship is moving, but I got in a decent mini-WOD.

Balance issues aside, who wouldn’t want to work out to this view?

After that, I saw on the Princess app that Hubs and Dad were on the pickleball court, so I made my way there to say hi. I ended up sticking around for a couple of hours to play. One net, at least 12 people wanting to play, so we shortened games to 7 points to keep it moving.

Hubs asked me, “How did you get the picture of the ship back there?” Um, dude, it was painted on the wall.

By the time we were done playing and got showered, it was time to eat again. Mmm… more Indian food for me. It turns out that while Hubs, Dad, and I played pickleball,  TG went “shopping” with Mom at Effy, and won a pair of diamond earrings in their raffle. Yes, real diamonds. How nuts is that?! I found out about the winnings when we all met up at the lunch buffet.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

We played some trivia, had a few drinks, and came back to nap the rest of the afternoon before getting all gussied up for formal night.

Balcony nap FTW!

Hubs really wanted to wear his tux, and he may have been the only man to do so. TG was amused to compare him to Kingpin, the bad guy form Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

To be absolutely clear, this was TG’s comparison, not mine.

Now, I have to say, I HATE wearing pantyhose, but this dress really required some magical undergarment wearing. TG was entertained by watching the sausage stuffing of me donning the Spanx hose. It was a project, let me tell you. But, I did it, and I think it was worth suffering for my beauty for the evening. I got so many compliments on my dress, and loved telling every single person that it was from Amazon! I know you want to see it. Hold your horses.

TG’s outfit was also from Amazon (save the boutique sheer dragon blouse worn under the vest). Of course the newly won diamond earrings were worn and shown off.

My baby’s so gorgeous!

After dinner, we went to see the Rock Opera stage production – a review of sorts. It opened and closed with numbers from The Greatest Showman, and the dancing was really good. I especially appreciated how some of the choreography included signing the lyrics in ASL. That was cool. After the show, we headed to the Piazza where we took some family pics and watched my parents do their thing on the dance floor. TG and I both recorded some of their moves, and I loved watching TG smile while making video of them.

My parents can really cut a rug – no matter the floor!

I got a kick out of watching TG film Nana & Gramps dancing.

Before bed, Hubs and I went for a nightcap (or two). They made amazing espresso martinis on board! I’ll show you one of those later. I followed that up with a serious martini, then Hubs and I finally called it a night. Before you ask, no, I do not remember exactly what he was drinking. Probably Jameson on the rocks.

Aviation martini with a twist, just like I learned from my sister-wife, Blake Lively

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