Alaska Cruise – July 23, 2023

Alaska Cruise – July 23, 2023

Happy anniversary to us! Our marriage has reached legal voting age. After hotel breakfast, we packed up and headed to the cruise port. Once on board, we checked out the cabin and wandered around the ship a bit. Of course, we went to the buffet for lunch, because it’s a cruise ship and that’s what you do. I don’t know what it is, but Princess has some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had. I enjoyed some vegetable biryani, tikka fish, and chicken korma. As for the rest of us? I have no idea. I was too into my plate. I decided not to track macros or limit myself at all this trip, so it was a food fest!

After filling my belly, I was motivated to check out the gym. I was looking for the right entrance from the deck, and a woman in a “Let’s wine about it” t-shirt was nice enough to help me find it. I complimented her shirt and said, “I think we will be good friends.” I was so excited to find an actual barbell! But, I also found a new toy I might try… the Core Bag. It’s a sandbag with handles making it possible to use not only for basic sandbag work, but also for various lifts: deadlift, clean, press, etc. Spoiler: I never did try it out. 

Hubs, TG, and I met up again and went up to the Sail Away Party on the lido deck. They had the cruise ship version of camp songs and performances by the production staff. As we were just leaving Seattle, the weather was amazing… sunny and warm.

Some time later, we met for drinks in the Piazza. We were joined by DooJay on a Stick. He did not seem to enjoy his cocktail.

Later that afternoon, Hubs and I took a little nap, the headed to Bistro Sur La Mer (one of the specialty restaurants on board) for an anniversary date night.

The food was ok. I think the most interesting bit was the fresh goat cheese “olives” that really looked like olives. They were little goat cheese balls in an olive flavored gelatin shell.  I would have loved to show you, but I was too hungry by the time they came to even think about taking a photo. The service was sooo sloooow, but we had a nice time. At one point during a lengthy lull between courses, my parents and TG stopped by. TG took a very unflattering photo of me that I will not share with you. In contrast, a woman at the next table took some lovely snaps of us while the staff brought us a bonus dessert and sang happy anniversary.

The staff walked over, instructed us to hold hands, and then sang.

Truth be told, throughout the week, I think the best food has been at the buffet, with a close second being the dinners we had in the dining room. Anyway, after dinner, we walked around a bit, had a few more drinks than we are used to, and hit the hay, so we’d be fresh as daisies for our first full day of cruising.

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