Variation on “The Sandwich”

Variation on “The Sandwich”

A few weeks ago, I had a craving for what The Girl and I have taken to calling “The Sandwich.” I did make it, but I had to do so without sprouts. My local grocers rarely stock sprouts; and when they do, they are not usually particularly fresh. So, I skipped that ingredient and ended up with quite a disappointing sandwich. Sure, it was filling and kind of tasty, but without sprouts, it just wasn’t THE Sandwich.

Having recently discovered the joy of picking vegetables from the garden to use in my lunch, I thought to myself, “Huh. I should just grow my own sprouts. How hard can it be?” It turns out to be ridiculously easy. I turned to my ol’ pal Google, and found SproutPeople. Their site is informative, lovely to look at, and funny in a weirdo sort of way that made me feel very good about myself. I promptly placed an order for their leafy sprout starter kit, plus an extra sprouter. And then I waited.

Almost as soon as the box arrived, I began my sprouting journey.

Sprouting Seeds

I soaked the seeds, then rinsed every 12 hours, per the instructions. In 6 days, they were ready for harvest.

Sprouts - 24 Hours

24 Hours

Sprouts - 48 Hours

48 Hours

Sprouts - 3 Days

3 Days

Sprouts - 4 Days

4 Days

Sprouts - 5 Days

5 Days

Today was harvest day, and I made a variation on The Sandwich. Instead of my usual turkey, I treated myself to a layer of bacon on there. Sooooo gooood!

Sprouts - 6 Days