The Greatest City in the World

The Greatest City in the World

I can’t believe I forgot to include in my last post about the trolls in Macy’s windows – they were horrifying!

So, anyway, despite entering the lottery for each Hamilton performance during my trip, Kinky Boots was my only show. I’d really hoped for a Hamiracle, but no such luck. Still, I know I’ll see it eventually, so that’s good enough for me (like I have a choice).

On my last day, there was no lottery because the theaters are all dark on Monday. It turned out to be a beautiful, if chilly last day of my NY adventure. I could have tried to make up for what I’d missed the morning before, but I had other plans. I was finally going to visit another borough! I took the F to Brooklyn to visit my (second) cousin, Miriam and her family.

I was quite proud of myself for my navigational skills. I had two options for the subway. I could walk a couple blocks from the hotel to the 6, then transfer to the F at Rockerfeller Center. But, every time I had taken the 6, everyone was packed in like sardines. And I had not only my backpack, but my carry on suitcase. That was not going to work.  Next option was to just walk farther, and catch the F at the Rock. But, I’d heard on the morning news that 5th would be closed for a Columbus Day parade, and from my last few days of trekking through Manhattan, I knew that crossing 5th would be necessary, and navigating around the parade would not have been doable because of how many blocks would be closed. Here’s how my smarts really came in. I googled what time the parade started, and found out it wasn’t until 11:30, so I was good to go at 9:30 – easy peasy!

Good to know they're looking out for us.
Good to know they’re looking out for us.

To think I’d contemplated a larger suitcase that I’d have to check. I couldn’t imagine dragging that through the streets of NY, let alone up and down subway stairs! Thank you, Michelle, for convincing me not to check a bag.

I got on the F train, found a seat (never would have happened on the 6), and settled in for about 45 minutes, until we finally hit my stop. Welcome to Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. After one more upstairs trek, and a 10 minute walk, I arrived at Miriam’s. I don’t think we’d seen each other in person since we were teens. But, thanks to the magic of Facebook, we’re all caught up. Well, other than the fact that I’d never met her husband or 3 year old twin boys until now.

We had quite a spread for brunch. Bagels and lox with fixin’s, an almost babka, salad, fruit, and (of course) coffee. After brunch and a tour of the casa, the boys (including Simon) went down for a nap, and Miriam and I took off for a meandering through part of Brooklyn Bridge Park. It had turned into a gorgeous, not so cold day.

Once we returned to her house, they had to take off for a play date with friends, but I was welcome to hang until I had to leave for the airport. That gave me just enough time to deliver my “gift” to them.

Miriam has been TP'd!
Miriam has been TP’d!

Her reaction when she messaged me later was priceless. We are so related on my mom’s side – total goofball, less than PC humor. It’s awesome!

I got to the airport with an hour and a half to spare, and most seats were taken up by manspreading travelers. That led me to wander. I thought I’d grab a sandwich for dinner at Au Bon Pain, but then I remembered – I’m flying 1st class (when I booked, there was a bigly bargain price for some crazy, unknown reason), and dinner is included! But, I was hungry, so I grabbed a yummy oatmeal raisin cookie. It is vacation, after all.

The terminal was packed with people waiting for their flights, and manspreading like crazy, so had to stand around, waiting for a seat to open up. Finally, one did, but I wasn’t there for long before it was time to board. It’s so bizarre to be in boarding group 1 – but that’s how 1st class peeps roll. All 8 of us.

Why, yes, I am in first class. #treatyourself
Why, yes, I am in first class. #treatyourself

I tried my best not to look like a newbie who didn’t belong, but I couldn’t help marvel at all the legroom, butt-room, and amenities. For example, the offer of a beverage while we waited. For the rest of the peons to board and take their seats. Sure, I’ll have a glass of Malbec, please and thank you.

Now, I know you’ve all been wondering about my predicament of the in-flight entertainment ending too soon on the way out to NY. I’m happy to report that as soon as we pulled away from the jetway, I was able to log on, bring up Crazy, Stupid, Love, and watch the last 15 minutes. Predictable? Yes, of course. But, I needed that closure, dagnabit!

As soon as we took off, the wine was replenished and we were all brought a little bowl of  warm nuts (cashews and almonds – WARMED – unbelievable!), and I decided to read. I pulled up one of my many BookBub bargains, Remember This, and settled in for the rest of the flight. Wait, you haven’t heard about BookBub? OMG – I LOVE it! Free and cheap eBooks in a daily newsletter, based on content types you choose. It’s amazing! 

Anyway, back to my flight story… Dinner was tandoori chicken, basmati rice, an arugula salad, a pretzel roll, and a cookie. On their own, each was truly delicious. However, neither the salad nor the roll really went well with the chicken and rice. And, since I had the cookie earlier, I skipped the 1st class cookie (I think chocolate chunk and macadamia nuts) that came with my dinner. Oh, but I did have another glass of wine. And yes, they were actual glasses, not plastic cups. This was FAN-cy!

Eventually, all good things must come to an end, and this flight was no different. I will say that once again, I was happy to have not checked a bag, because I was able to head straight out to meet my chauffeur (my wonderful MIL), and make it home in time to see my husband before he went to bed.

I’m already looking forward to my next trip. Until then, New York, you remain The Greatest City in the World.

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