Happy Friday!

Today, the city of Chicago hosted a massive parade and rally for the Cubs.

My MIL was one of the 5 million to go to the celebration. This confetti was her souvenir from the rally.
My MIL was one of the 5 million to go to the celebration. This confetti was her souvenir from the rally.

In addition to my MIL, many of my friends ventured into the city to be part of the celebration… some staying overnight and some taking early trains downtown. But not me. I had bigger plans. Today, after school (it was a half day), I took The Girl to get her ears pierced. This was her second go at it. The first time, I let her take responsibility for cleaning them, and shocker of shockers, she got an infection and we had to let the holes close up. That was over a year ago. Finally, she decided she was ready to try again, but this time I’ll be doing the daily cleaning for at least a couple of months.

I picked her up from school at noon, grabbed her a Happy Meal, and heading to Claire’s in a mall 20 minutes away. When we did it the first time, the Claire’s nearby didn’t have two people to do the ears simultaneously (though they said they did when I called). So, we went to Icing in the same mall, which had two people, but one had never done it on a kid, and she screwed up in that she didn’t get the earring all the way through her lobe (how hard was it to squeeze the trigger?). Thankfully, The Girl’s ears were numb thanks to the Emla (numbing) cream I had leftover from whenever I had my port accessed for chemo or bloodwork. She asked if I still have the cream, and I said I did. I was pretty excited to see it wasn’t even expired.

The Girl almost chickened out at the last minute, but I talked her through it while the two Claire’s managers did the job. They were great, and The Girl was happy (once she stopped being freaked out).

After the piercing, we went to see Trolls. Some of it was cute, and the rest was not quite as horrifying as that Macy’s window in New York. Plus, I do love the JT song from the movie. You know the ditty: Can’t Stop the Feeling.

Cheers to a successful mother-daughter bonding afternoon.

We had a great afternoon together!
We had a great afternoon together!

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