A Bisel Dis... A Bisel Dat

L’Chiam! – July 27, 2015

I’m done!

More stories and pics to come, but I have to get horizontal to ward off that pesky spinal headache.

Thanks to Diane for the split of chemo-approved bubbly!

Original Comments from the CaringBridge Blog:

Mazel tov!!!
—Susan Rosenthal, July 28, 2015

That’s awesome news!!
Go celebrate!!
—Vanessa Schenk, July 27, 2015

Sushi soon!! 🍴
—Janet Stich, July 27, 2015

looks good. Glad you made it! And at this latest indirect suggestion, I’ll go have a drink.
—Mary Schumann, July 27, 2015

Whooo hooooo! Take that cancer!!!!
—Laura Roberts, July 27, 2015

—Amber Youngman, July 27, 2015

—Brenda moskovic, July 27, 2015

Bottoms up!! No Pun intended–
—jo Wilken, July 27, 2015

whoo hoo! congratulations! You’ve been a rock star and an inspiration to all! So happy for you!!
—Elaine Fox, July 27, 2015

Hip Hip Hooray !!! So happy that this day has finally arrived
—Michele Barbera, July 27, 2015

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