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Thoughts On My Last Treatment Day – July 28, 2015

Bear with me. This is gonna be a long one. And pardon the delay. I was spending much time horizontal (the post-LP routine). Also, this one has many pics, so make sure you’re on a browser, not the app when you read this so you can see them all, plus their captions.

I didn’t sleep very well the night before my last treatment, so I really needed my coffee in the morning. Figures that as we were dropping The Girl off at a friend’s house (for a ride to camp) this morning, I realized I forgot my coffee in the Keurig at home. Since my grande Sbux tumbler sprung a leak, I decided I needed a snazzy new venti tumbler for my iced coffee.

So necessary after my old one finally died. Don’t you love the hot pink straw? And aren’t the sunglasses printed on the liner adorable?!

As usual, I had a bunch of questions for the doc, and she had a surprising thought for me. She thinks there’s a chance that the bit of glow on the last PET scan showed scar tissue and not cancer. I didn’t think quickly enough to ask her if it shows up on my next one, what we do. Another biopsy, or what? I’ll find out eventually, I suppose.

Oh! Remember when I was wondering about that black ended, 22G needle on the LP tray? I found out that was a guide needle that is removed once Alla comes into to attach the syringe with my methotrexate. See? Always trying to educate and inform. 🙂

Now, if you recall, I’ve told you before that one of the drugs  (Adriamycin) makes my pee pinkish-orange… here ya go. Proof via iPhone snap. In my world, TMI doesn’t really exist, but you should realize that by now.

Yes, that is my pee.

In any case, It was quite the party atmosphere up in treatment room 16 yesterday. We brought Gurnee Donuts for the nurses. (Local peeps, you know what a treat that is!), so they were stopping by to say thanks all day. Plus, Sia and I caught up without kid or spouse interruptions, laughed our asses off, and just enjoyed each other’s company.

After camp, Hubs brought The Girl to visit for the last hour or so. She got quite comfy.

The Girl all cozy in the recliner, watching TV in the room with me. She even had the nurses fetching her warm blankets and apple juice. Such the charmer.

No matter who visited me during each treatment, I never felt alone. Besides the amazing nursing staff deserving of so much more than their donuts, and my husband and friends who chauffeured me, I had my bling to keep me company.

I have worn my bracelets to every treatment. They have been gifts from friends and family. Having them on my wrist has reminded me that they’ve been with me all through this fight.

And, of course, I never would have gotten this far without the amazing Alla.

This is my amazing, wonderful, too cool for school hematologist oncologist, Dr. Alla Gimelfarb.

And, we’re done!

I missed the shot of the actual last drop, but I’m ok with that. You can’t tell, but the pump says, “STOPPED.” That was the last of my chemo!

Of course, we’re not really done. I still have to keep myself from getting that spinal headache in the next few days and stay healthy and out of the hospital next week when I’m neutropenic. Plus, ongoing monitoring for relapses (not gonna happen!) and potential long term side-effects. Plus, I’ll post the hair re-growth process a bit, because that might be fun. But, so far, things are looking great. Though the hot flashes started as soon as I got home last night, today wasn’t nearly as bad after Jason’s acupuncture ministrations this morning. And, I haven’t needed any extra compazine. Just the usual zofran.

Tomorrow, we release George from the dungeon after a week on new happy gel. Hopefully, no more urinators!

Original Comments from the CaringBridge Blog:

Congrats, Deb! What a milestone.
—Miriam Schiffer, July 30, 2015

HAPPIEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Adrienne Meyer, July 29, 2015

Congrats and like you said so poetically from the beginning….f@%k cancer!
—Carolyn Shoemaker, July 29, 2015

Suck it cancer. Deb-carry on with the rest of your simply amazing life. Although I will miss these updates your humor made me lol so many times.
—Laura Roberts, July 29, 2015

and now on with the rest of your life!
I’m glad it’s over. Thanks for the pee pic.
(unrelated – Mumps outbreak currently happening in IL! Heard it on the news last night. You were on the bleeding edge!)
—Mary Schumann, July 29, 2015

—Brian Kirshenbaum, July 29, 2015

—margo barbakow, July 28, 2015

So proud of you! Hope all goes well the next week as you come off your “chemo high”.
—Michelle Johnson, July 28, 2015

So glad to hear you are done with chemo. Thinking of you – and so glad to hear how you have such tremendous support. (((hugs)))
—Jeannie Jordan, July 28, 2015

At first I thought the pee pic was your new venti tumbler. So happy that you finished chemo. I wish you could bottle that positive attitude and give it to others!!! Hope to see you soon.
—Susan Rosenthal, July 28, 2015

Congratulations, Deb! You are an inspiration. So glad you’ll be looking at cancer in the rear-view mirror now
—Cara Hermacinski, July 28, 2015

You are amazing, Deb! Congrats for kicking cancer’s ass with style and grace! XOXO
—Lauri Harvey Keagle, July 28, 2015

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