Spring Break Cruise – Day 2

Spring Break Cruise – Day 2

March 25, 2024

Per Hubs, there were some odd wind sounds leaking through the balcony door, but I didn’t hear a thing. I slept like a log. We woke early (6am) to hit the buffet for breakfast before embarking on our first excursion: a morning beach break in Nassau, Bahamas (yes, I played “Go to Nassau” on my phone while we lounged, and yes, I know it’s not the same Nassau). It was only around 72 degrees, but that did not stop us from enjoying some sand and sun. Though, less sun for me because you know how I burn and get seriously itchy PMLE. I’m happy to say that I successfully avoided both discomforts. 

Docked near the port were a few yachts. One, I swore I recognized from our first cruise from Ft. Lauderdale with my parents. I took a photo and later asked the Googles about it. I was sort of correct. The original Seven Seas yacht that we saw years ago belonged to Steven Spielberg, but he has since sold it. It’s been renamed and he has had an even bigger boat built, named… yep – Seven Seas. They don’t look as much alike as I originally thought (after looking at pics online), but there was something similar enough about them that I wasn’t totally wrong. In fact, I should get a prize. Maybe a free cruise on the yacht?

Spielberg’s yacht, Seven Seas, in Nassau

Play the video below for some beachy tidal goodness.

After our few hours of beach time were up, we went back on board to change out of our sandy suits and have lunch (more yummy Indian food for me!), then back out to do a bit of shopping.

When we returned, we had a new friend in the cabin.

Our original itinerary had us going to Labadee Haiti on Day 5, but they cancelled that – because civil war. As a result, some other things shifted around, including making this the first formal night (they are usually only on sea days). Hubs, TG, and I got ourselves all gussied up and headed to Central Park for photos and an aperitif. And at dinner? More escargot (not pictured).

After dinner, I persevered through developing blisters (dang dressy shoes) so we could show off in style before finally going to bed. After day 1, each night’s bed time got later and later. I’ve become quite a stickler about my sleep hygiene of late, going to be by 9 or 9:30 every night. Even weekends. On this trip, staying up late, drinking, eating all the fat and carbs – I was definitely in vacation mode! But, I didn’t abandon ALL of my good habits. I made sure to eat lots of lean protein and get plenty of exercise, including 3 days of CrossFit in the Fitness Center on board. I closed my rings almost every day. 😊

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