Spring Break Cruise – Day 1

Spring Break Cruise – Day 1

March 24, 2024

With snow coming down in chunks this morning, let’s travel back to sunshine and warm weather, shall we? We woke up and had a lateish breakfast at the hotel. We were anxious to get to the cruise terminal and get on board. Our official boarding time was 3pm, but we didn’t listen to that nonsense – heck we were paying for the day and I wanted my buffet lunch! So, we caught a 12:30 shuttle to the cruise terminal. FYI – no one cared about the time on our set sail pass and we sailed on through security (see what I did there?).

Super cool kinetic sculpture at the cruise terminal.

When I crossed the threshold of the ship, I might have scared my family when I exclaimed, “Woo hoo!” I was so happy to be on board. We all were, even if we did all take turns being a tad moody for the first few days.

We unloaded bags at our room, checked in at the muster station, and headed straight to the buffet for lunch. I, per usual at a cruise buffet, sought out the Indian food. The dal and coconut curry chicken were delish!

We were still tired from the long day of travel hell, so I honestly have no idea what else we did that afternoon other than roam around and have some drinks. Oh, and TG and I entered a guess the weight raffle with the art gallery on board. We didn’t know it at the time, but that kicked off a whole new source of entertainment and inspiration (and spending). More on that in the days to come.

Our luggage was delivered to our cabin late afternoon, so we unpacked, and probably had a cocktail or two before heading to dinner in the dining room. That was the meal that started the delicious caloric disaster with escargot. The snails were great (PROTEIN!), but all of the bread and butter felt so indulgent – both on my tastebuds and my waistline. For now, I’m sparing you food photos. In fact, I didn’t take any! At least, not this day. Shout out to Kunal and George, our dining room servers. 

Coming soon… Day 2

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