Seattle – July 21, 2023

Seattle – July 21, 2023

Greetings and salutations. I apologize that I’ve been remiss in my travel blogging. Well, blogging in general. But I’ve got a whole bunch coming your way in the coming days. Quick recap: Since COVID restrictions were lifted, I’ve visited Florida numerous times (as my parents have relocated there), plus New York. If you give my Insta a scroll, you’ll likely find some pics and a bit of info from my various adventures.

Now for the latest: our first trip to Seattle. Because our Alaska cruise (more on that later) departed from there, we decided to fly out a couple of days early to soak in some of the sights and sounds. So, on July 21st, we rose at 5 am to catch our flight. It was on our way to the airport that I decided it was time to better acquaint myself with Ani DiFranco’s catalogue. I don’t know why I’ve never delved into her music before. It’s fantastically chill. I downloaded her Essentials and once on board the plane, I plugged in my Airpods. But, airplanes being pressurized like they are, I drifted off after just a couple of songs… until the drinks and snacks came around (really, you’re not surprised, are you?). I was so excited to see amongst the offerings my favorite That’s It Mini Fruit Bars in apple/mango flavor. PLUS, they had AHA seltzer for my calorically-free enjoyment. Double surprise!

Oh! Before I forget… since my brother did not join us (due to his propensity for seasickness), TG decided to bring along Uncle DooJay on a Stick.

Even though I downloaded several episodes of shows and podcasts, since I was now wide awake, I thought it was a good time to check out the free on board entertainment options. Thank you, United, for having Cocaine Bear in your library of movies! OhEmGee! Heee-laaa-eee-ous! Much to TGs’ and Hubs’ embarrassment, I’d occasionally and randomly laugh out loud. I mean LOUD. TG said people kept turning to stare at me. Oh well. Their loss for not watching such a masterpiece in dark comedy.

We arrived in the land of McDreamy by lunch time. Hubs was the hungriest, so he got to choose our lunch destination. He picked Citizen Coffee, across the street from our hotel. They have quite a varied menu – not only coffee, but breakfasty things, sandwiches, and cocktails. I had the raspberry turkey raspberry sandwich, Hubs enjoyed a local IPA, and TG and I both had coffee (natch).


After a recharge in the room, we hoofed it about 12 minutes to the Chihuly Museum & Gardens, which happens to be right next to the Space Needle. 

No, we did not feel the need to ride up to the top of an enhanced version of the Great America Sky Trek Tower. Still cool to look at, though.


How do the outdoor pieces not break? What if it hails? Do they just replace broken bits as needed? While in the garden, we even got to watch a dude demo lampwork. Lampwork uses a torch to melt the glass, which is then sculpted via rolling, twirling, and nudging the glass into shape. In this demo, he was attaching flower petals to a piece he’d already begun.

This happened to be one of the busiest weekends we could have been in town. There was the Taylor Swift concert, so the city was overrun with Swifties. Plus, there was a Mariners game against Toronto, and lots of Blue Jay fans were down for it. Plus, there was a cool food and craft fair called Bite of Seattle. We passed through it on our way to the museum, so hit that up on the way back to the hotel. We bought some baubles for TG and we each had a Glow Tea. I definitely got those steps in today!

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