12 Days of Fitmas

12 Days of Fitmas

Hiiiideee hoooo! Happy Christmas Eve for those of you who celebrate. Just a note of self-congratulations here. Today is my first day out and mask free since this round of COVID, just in time to join my Kilter Fam for the 12 Days of Fitmas (Christmas) WOD. It’s the most wonderful WOD of the year! Someday, I’ll write a whole parody song. I swear.

It was this workout (same rep scheme with some different movements) that launched my CrossFit obsession in 2017 (thanks to my SIL Sara). I think this time may have been almost as difficult as the first. Here’s today’s “fun” programming:

Yeah. Loads of fun. Ok, yeah it was. Because I’m clearly insane. But, to hang with this crew? Cheering me on to the very end (because I was the very LAST to finish – again, like the first time)? Yeah. These are my people.

Photo credit: Alex Yap

Now, showered and all prettied up, I’m with my other fam – the Morans – at my MIL’s house. We’re eating, drinking, and being merry. Soon, we will sit down to an amazing dinner, then exchange gifts, white elephant style. Thanks to various obstacles, including COVID by the same family who had COVID for Christmas last year, we are a skeleton crew. Instead of 24, we are only 9. The upside? Hopefully we won’t have to endure the annual “singing” of the carols. 

But, assault on the ears or not, we’re having a lovely evening, so I shall say good night.

Good night!

Oh, and happy 7th night of Hanukkah!

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