On Summer, Fall & Lobster Pot Pie

On Summer, Fall & Lobster Pot Pie


This post contains spoilers!

Once again, if you haven’t yet seen Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life, but do have a soul, do not read any further until you’ve watched (at least once). Well, I suppose if you don’t care about the show, you can continue reading, but it’s not going to make any sense. So, do yourself a favor. Start with Season 1, Episode 1 (it’s all on Netflix), and come back when you’ve caught up.

In case my overall opinion has been less than clear, I absolutely am in love with A Year in the Life. Just had to get that out of the way.

Life being what it is, we had stuff to do all day the Saturday after Thanksgiving (including our crazy photoshoot for our holiday card), so once again, we weren’t going to be able to watch until evening. But, Hubs made it a very special evening. When the weather turns colder, he transforms from grill master to master chef . Tonight’s menu: lobster pot pie and green beans almondine. ZOMG! So freaking delicious!

My crazy kid didn’t think it was all that, so I finished the second half of hers between Summer and Fall. Speaking of which, I give you my impressions of Summer:

  • First of all, since when does Stars Hollow have a muni pool? Oh, right, we were never there in summer. Only during the school year. Ha! But, if it was so hot, why were the Lorelai’s not in bathing suits?
  • Did any one else notice in the kitchen scene with April that the wine bottle moved from the left to the right? Yeah – go back and watch.
  • Stress tap dancing FTW!
  • Is Rory wearing LuLaRoe leggings to the Town Hall Meeting? Blech. And speaking of the Town Hall Meeting, was that sexy photo of Miss Patty always on the wall? Wowsa!
  • And… enter Sutton! But, that’s it? A cameo in bokeh? Oh, the “preview” but who is the dude? Aaaannd… (blatant) Hamilton reference #4 & 5. Also, I swear Lorelei wore that sweater vest and blouse. And, where did the gay guy come from? Oh, whew, we do get lots of Sutton in that crazy-ass musical with the plot line to rival that of the mannequin show at the Stars Hollow Museum. Also, the Ooooh” in I Am Not Unbreakable is totally ripped from Hamilton.
  • DOS computer at the SH Gazette? Seriously? Why didn’t they just put out some IBM Selectrics?
  • Another round tonight – Hamilton reference #I’veLostCount – because really, what else could one think of when hearing that phrase? It’s like “What time is it?” There’s only one answer.Sophie – I Feel the Earth Move – not catchy? Oh, Taylor… duck off!
  • I’m kind of excited that I recently saw Kinky Boots so I get the jokes.
  • Oh, Jess, be still my heart – and lady parts! Glad he isn’t sporting the This is Us pornstache.  Wait – that’s it?! Need more Jess!!!!
  • Seriously, how and why has Emily kept Berta so long?! In the past, if she couldn’t understand a maid, the woman wouldn’t last until dinner.
  • Now, why is Lorelai so against Rory’s book. It doesn’t make sense. Since when is she so secretive and sensitive to the point that she’d ever deny Rory an outlet?
  • Taylor and Nate went on retreat? Yeah right.
  • To finish up the season – Lorelai does Wild? On what planet would she even contemplate subjecting herself to so much of the great outdoors? Thank goodness she figured out her sitch before heading down the trail for her Parenthood ex or brother (real life beau) to find her remains.
And finally, Fall musings:
  • From the graphics geek standpoint, I have adored the different title fonts for each season.
  • Did REI pay for that advertising?
  • Did anyone else think that unlocking the locks on the Gazette door should have been followed by a kick before opening?
  • When Petal the pig ran by with “Get Ready” onn her flank,  I said, “This is such a Logan move. This is totally Life and Death Brigade. Do I totally rock, or what? I totally rock!!! After Esther said “In omnia paratus,” I said, “Where are the gorilla masks?” And then there they were! Colin, Finn, and Robert… and Logan. And though I’m still anti-Rorgan, that did make me sigh to see them. And when/where in the world did Stars Hollow get a Dancing With the Stars Tango Club?
  • Logan looks very nice without a shirt – in or out of focus. But I still don’t like him for Rory.
  • How is the LaDB farewell making me tear up?! Good grief!! BTW, Rory’s hat? Amy S-P would totally wear that!
  • Back to Lorelai Gone Wild – I was betting she’d never get on the trail. She’d never make it.
  • I teared up again at the end of her Richard story (the one she should have told at his funeral) when she said, “and it was the best birthday I ever had.”
  • And, again at “There is no one who will be more here for you than me.” 😢
  • And, when they kissed.
  • The scenes with Richard in his study reminded me of the creepy scenes in The Sopranos when Tony’s mom was in the show after death. Thank goodness Rory didn’t have a conversation with him.
  • More tears when the Lorelais embraced in the kitchen, with Pop Tarts, Red Vines, Chinese food and ice cream, plus, of course, coffee.
  • Disappointed that they made another Spelling reference, but so much love for the 5×5 Buffy reference!
  • Now I’m fairly certain REI paid for that product placement, as did Sbux. I never saw Rory with a cup from Sbux before.
  • Emily: I’ve moved everything around. Me: what did she move around? Lorelai:What did you move around? Bwaaa haaa haaaa!!! 😂😂😂😂
  • When did Emily and Richard ever rent in Nantucket? They rented in The Vinyard. It was a whole big thing.
  • Hubs predicted the nunnery annex. I thought she’d move. he was right.
  • Nice full freaking circle predictability of the Emily and Lorelai conversation about “You need money” and the biweekly dinners requirement. 😊
  • Rory running into Dean was probably the most awkward reunion. Awkward for me. How many kids does that boy have?! And who did he marry? Did he remarry Lindsey? Whatever. Now I’m on board with the Logan affair. I mean, if she had to have one, I would have really hated it if it was with Dean.
  • Why is Jackson reading little house in the big woods to 11-y-o Martha? Shouldn’t she be reading it to herself by now?
  • Look around! Another Hamilton reference? Because really, what else could it be?
  • And finally, on The Last Four Words. As soon as Rory said, “Mom,” I knew it what was coming next. And I was so excited!
    There’s gonna be more!!!! There’s got to be! I’m crying more now than any of the other tear-jerker moments!

    I can’t believe that’s how it ended. I just can’t. At this point, I don’t even care if it’s Kirk’s. Just let there be more. I mean, Hubs and I thought Emily was going to die on that bench in Nantucket. This is so much better. We can see the story “echoed” in Rory’s dealing with it. Or (hopefully) not.The questions she asked Christopher about how he felt? Trying to decide if she should tell the dad (Please let not be Logan! Baby Wookie?). I have read all sorts of theories, and all had cruised through my brain, including the fleeting idea that she’s carrying for Luke and Lorelai. I’d love to see Amy and Dan make that not awkward. Still, please, let there be another Year in the Life planned. Please!!!!! At the panel, Scott Patterson alluded to the fact that he’d be on board for a reunion – and we got it. He recently said that he didn’t think the story was done. Please, be the messenger! Please, please, PLEASE! Oh, how long before Amy speaks (she hasn’t ruled it out)?! Please don’t be later than December 25th – first day of Christmas and Hanukkah. For get the Pride Mountain Syrah and Apple Watch. More Gilmore Girls is all I want for Christmakkuh!

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