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Happy Season 2023

My Gift to You: Jeopardy! Moran Holiday Edition!

How to play:

  1. Click the Jeopardy! title slide to begin. 
  2. Click through to read the category titles.
  3. When the game board appears, click a dollar amount to reveal the clue. Once you’ve made your guess, click the clue to reveal the response. One more click will return you to the game board and you may then select your next clue. Be sure to use a mouse/touchpad (or finger if on mobile or other touch-enabled screen) to click and advance the slides and it will return you to the main board after each response. Do not use your keyboard (Enter, spacebar, or arrow keys) to navigate, or it will simply show all of the slides in order and you won’t get back to the main board.
  4. You may choose to keep score on this handy dandy score sheet. feature limitations in the Google Slide version do not allow for any indication of which clues have been played (but the downloadable PowerPoint will – see link below).

A couple of notes:

  • New to our holiday card shenanigans? Check out the past cards here.
  • If you’re playing on a computer, you can enter full screen mode by clicking on the game and then use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+F (CMD+SHIFT+F on Mac).
  • Click/tap responsibly. Aim for the blue rectangles/$ amounts, not the black space. It’s something with the Google Slides that makes it go to unexpected places when you click on the black space, and I’ve decided pursuing a fix is outside of my current bandwith.
  • The (original) PowerPoint version of this Jeopardy! template uses the actual Jeopardy! font for the clues & responses. Unfortunately, PowerPoint does not allow for publishing a presentation as a web page. So, I imported to Google Slides, but that doesn’t support the pretty font, nor some of the fun animations. If you want the more polished experience, you can download a zip file of the native PowerPoint presentation (complete with fonts) here .
  • Special thanks to Connor Bradley on TPT for the PPT version of the game board and score sheet!
  • Questions? Drop a comment below!


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