Hey yo! Exciting news, peeps… As a substitute teacher, I recently became eligible to get a COVID vaccine and I got the first dose of the Moderna vaccine yesterday!

Not sure why my previously adorable hair looks like I just rolled out of bed. I swear, it looked much better in person.

For those with inquiring minds, the vaccine itself did not hurt at all – I barely felt it. By evening, my arm was predictably sore. Now, the next day, the injection site is a bit more ouchy, I’ve got some body aches, and my temp was 99.9. Nothing too horrible. After a good cuppa joe, I’m starting to feel more human again, though I think I’ll take a break from being active today.

Speaking of active, January was quite strenuous. Besides my usual 4 days/week of CrossFit workouts, I did Adrine Mishler’s 30 Day Yoga Journey – Breath. I’d been practicing yoga on my CrossFit rest days, so it wasn’t totally new, though committing to show up every day for 30 days was not something I’d done before. I was pleasantly surprised to find I truly enjoyed my time on the mat each day, improved my balance, and learned quite a bit more than I expected. Whether it was a 40 minute practice or 10, it was such a beautiful way to start off the year with some self-love. Even Alex got in on the fun.

When I was in savasana, he often came over to lick my hair, which was far preferable to his occasional attacks on my arms during downward facing dog. Silly kitty.

In a last bit of news, we have entered the world of VR with an Oculus Quest 2 headset. What a fantastic experience while we’re stuck at home in this winter. Hubs and I are fond of VR bowling, table tennis, and mini golf. Oh, and I’m loving all the meditation apps. But, the most satisfying part is seeing The Girl have a blast in VR with kids from all over the world. It’s the most social interaction she’s had in a year!

I would like to note (and advise anyone thinking of getting this for their kid/teen) that we do not let her get on and play with strangers unless we are in the room to “overhear” and coach her on being safe. Sure, we’ve all told our kids about online stranger-danger. But, it’s often so difficult to get kids to understand how the “professional groomers” trick them into giving out info. The other day, we had a great opportunity to point out how sneaky someone can be. A guy (who by the sound of his voice could have been 14, or could have been a 20-something) implied she was an adult, to which she responded that she was in middle school. Hubs and I stopped her right then and there, and explained how THAT is the way Chester Molesters often get kids to give up info. They don’t necessarily ask outright. We had her leave the server, find a different one to play on, and congratulated ourselves for how we handled that teachable moment.

And now, I’m off to make some lunch. Have a lovely day!

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