Trying Something New

Trying Something New

This post is all about The Girl. She actually asked me to put this up on my blog, so how could I say no?

4th Grade is presenting all sorts of new extra curricular opportunities, which is very exciting. First up was Cross Country. The Girl has always loved to run, but this was her first stint at running with purpose. For three weeks, three days/week, she ran XC after school. As an extra challenge, two of those days were followed by gymnastics. Man, did she work up an appetite those days!

This past Wednesday was their official XC meet. They ran a mile. It was a beastly humid 87 degree afternoon. But, the photog in me could not resist going for some action shots, sun sensitivity be damned.

Passing by as she starts her second lap around the school.
Heading for the finish line!
She made it in 11:30 – with her left shoelace untied!
My best mile was probably closer to 18:00, so I’m quite impressed.

The next IM opportunity is volleyball, but she’s thinking take a pass on that and give herself a bit of a break in her extracurricular schedule. Can’t say I blame her. In fact, I am very proud of this kid o’ mine.

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