Still Running

Still Running

Yesterday, The Girl and my brother, Brian (or, Uncle DooJay, as she calls him), ran in the (usually annual) ROAR Run 5k to benefit our PTA. I recruited him to be her running partner because I will do everything in my power to avoid another bout of plantar fasciitis, and my brother wears many hats – one of which is that of a personal trainer. He’s also a Chicago style pizza maestro, comedy magician, auctioneer, and all around entrepreneur. Check out his website at (I’ll wait).

Ok, now that you’re back… It was the first time The Girl had run any distance longer than a mile, but being that she’s 9, I wasn’t too concerned about whether or not she would finish. I did wonder, though, how much she’d walk and if she’d poop out before the end. After all, she was quite bouncy and frenetic with excitement before the race, and I was a bit worried she’d burn herself out too soon. But, I needn’t have worried. She was a total champ! She finished strong, averaging an 11-minute mile to cross the finish line at 34.08, 7th place out of 14 in her age/gender group. I’m so proud of this kid!


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