The Great Squash Muffin Ordeal

The Great Squash Muffin Ordeal

Two years ago (give or take), The Girl saw something on PBS about squash muffins. Ever since, she’s been asking me to make some, but I haven’t. For one, I don’t bake very well. Plus, any time she’s had anything with squash, she’s been less than enthusiastic. But, something came over me earlier this week (I think it’s a cold), plus, I bought some cubed butternut squash at Costco, 3 lbs of walnuts (because, really, the price made it worth the haul), and decided to make the fabled squash muffins using a recipe I found on, originating from Jamie Oliver.

The next day, I took stock to make sure I had the rest of the ingredients, weighed out my squash, and hauled the food processor out from the basement. I was quite dismayed to find that my decades old Black and Decker food processor was dead. The plastic on the prep bowl had cracked beyond repair, and it could no longer be seated on the base well enough to get a lock and make it run.

I would have bought a new food processor yesterday, but it was just to damn cold to leave the house. Single digits, people. I’m not a fan of the cold (“Then why do you live in the midwest?” you ask. I have no idea.). So, today, I ventured out to BB&B to pick up a gen-yoo-ine Cuisinart. I’d planned to buy the 8-cup version, but ended up with the 11-cup. I’m glad I did, even if my wallet isn’t. I was able to just fit all of the ingredients in the prep bowl. And it did a fantastic job chopping and combining everything.

25 minutes later, I took them out of the oven. I had a taste and surpisingly, they were actually pretty good. I couldn’t wait for The Girl and her friend (half-day-off-school-playdate) to try them. The friend liked hers. The Girl… yeeeeeeah, not so much. One bite, and she tossed the rest in the garbage.

Recipe by Jamie Oliver. Experince blogged at

And just like that, two years (give or take) of pestering may now cease.

**Update on the sea monkeys**

In case you’re wondering, we had many many baby sea monkeys, but they didn’t survive the bitter cold of my midwest kitchen long enough for me to get to photograph them. I’m hopeful that the adults will continue to thrive and shtup and the eggs will keep coming and we’ll see more babies in the spring. I did do some research, and that seems to be the reproductive MO in the wild, so we’ll see.

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