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Zzzzzzzz – June 29, 2015

I finally got rid of that spinal headache – hoooray! Before that whole thing started, I was only taking two cups of green tea in the morning, with the occasional frappuccino or caramel macchiato. Not a ton of caffeine. Yesterday, I went back to my normal two cups of green tea in the morning. Yeah – that didn’t work out so well. By afternoon I was getting a caffeine withdrawl headache. I parked myself horizontally on the couch and napped for 3 hours, blissfully unaware of The Girl and a neighbor friend tearing in and out of the house. The headache had subsided somewhat, but was still lurking by 10pm, and I was surprisingly tired enough (despite the nap) to go bed. Thanks to the nap, it wasn’t the most solid night of sleep. And, by morning, my head was pounding again. Thankfully, after getting vertical (now, there’s a switch) and a cup of tea, the pounding is nearly gone. Silly me. Guess I’ll have to caffeinate a bit more today. Besides, we had plans to see Inside Out (oy, the feels!), and I didn’t want to fall asleep after paying almost $20 (before popcorn) for The Girl and I.

In other news, I’m feeling a bit hoodwinked. The mosquitoes seem to no longer be put off by my eau de chemo, and I’ve got some really itchy bites from yesterday. Also, I’m finding that contrary to what I was led to believe, I have had to shave my legs a few times. It’s not like I have the normal amount of leg hair, but there’s just enough to make it annoying. Oh, and apparently, growing armpit hair is all the rage, but I can’t do that because my pits are as smooth as can be. Figures.

Original Comments from the CaringBridge Blog:

You have learned to be a real Juggler Deb–You seem to balance the good and bad and keep the humor too–There is a Guiding Light in you, it keeps those survival instincts sharp! You are an incredible Kid!! Hugs!!
—jo Wilken, June 29, 2015

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