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Doesn’t it Figure? July 6, 2015

This morning, I FINALLY woke up without a headache. It was also the first night the cats were out of the basement. Maybe I was going through cat withdrawl, not caffeine withdrawl. Oh, and yes, someone peed a little bit in the dining room within an hour of getting their freedom, but we have new stuff we’re trying on the carpet, so I’m not ready to banish them again just yet. Alex was so happy to be in my bed last night, he kept me up for two hours snuggling and licking my head. But I missed him too, so it was hard to be angry with him. Yeah, so anyway, no headache, just in time for tomorrow’s LP and chemo. Here’s hoping we don’t repeat the spinal headaches this time.

I have many mosquito bites now, and doesn’t it figure that the majority are on my head (stupid mosquitoes – like they need my chemo blood), including a lovely one on my left temple. When Hubs asked me what was on my head, I informed him that I’m growing an antler (I was really excited to say that, because I’d only thought up the antler line 5 minutes earlier). When he pressed me on it and I told him it was a mosquito bite, he said it was more like a pterodactyl bite.

Also, I had to shave my legs AGAIN! I’m definitely going to complain to management on this one.

Original Comments from the CaringBridge Blog:

Good luck with the LP tomorrow. My advice as an LP pro, Caffinate ASAP and get as horizontal as possible ASAP as well. I know it is a pain in the tushie, but it really makes a difference. I know you have the girl to look after, but I bet the two of you can make a game out of it or something. Take care. ET
—Erica Traub, July 6, 2015

BAD Mosquito!! BAD BAD BAD Mosquito!!!!
—jo Wilken, July 6, 2015

Those SOB’s are relentless!!! Hope this next round of chemo is a little nicer to your head!
—Kris Baker, July 6, 2015

Hope you are less weepy & hairy in the week to come 😉
—Amber Youngman, July 6, 2015

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