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Not Totally Random – September 20, 2015

Well, the peanut gallery sure was quiet on that last post, though some people told me (through other channels) that while it was TMI for some, it was also helpful info regarding Mirena. Glad to be of service.

So, that whole menopause thing? I think what’s annoyed me most (so far) is how my nails have gotten so brittle. All through chemo, they were super strong, growing, not breaking… but now, they’re snagging, splitting, and cracking constantly. Even no chip polish is chipping because they’re so bad. We are not amused.

Also on my mind these days – when do I switch back to using shampoo? Conditioner? I’d say my hair is only an eighth of an inch long, so I’m not sure it’s worth bothering yet. And if so, what kind do I use? Before all of this mess, I used curl enhancing shampoo, but I’m not sure that’ll be necessary with the probable coming of chemo curls. Plus, I think I’d rather have it straighter for the pixie length ‘do. Meanwhile, today, I noticed a few stubborn, patchy spots, and thought about going back to the bandana look for a week or so and see what sprouts. But, It just looked really weird. I’m so used to being au natural in the noggin department. So, patchy or not, here I come.

A few of you have asked me what’s up with the cats. Things were going great for a while. Then Hubs decided to “air out” the front rooms by putting up gates instead of solid barriers (my photography backgrounds, natch). I think that as the air outed from those rooms, it got the cats all riled up again. So, Urinators 1 & 2 are confined to the basement for at least the next few months. Other than missing us, they’re doing great down there. At least, they’re behaving themselves. We are going to have to take up all the carpet they’ve taken a liking to, seal the sub floor with old-fashioned Kilz, and put in a temporary, cheapo laminate floor (we aren’t up for doing hardwood everywhere just yet).

And that’s the story here.

Original Comments from the CaringBridge Blog:

I know you’ll rock & roll with whatever hair you end up with!
Sorry your nails aren’t strong! That’s how mine have always been so I understand the frustration. Maybe a supplement??
Thanks for the reminder to just say no to pets 😉 Hope they continue to be pee pee free!
—Amber Youngman, September 23, 2015

I like the natural look on you. It’s a little G.I. Jane aka BADASS. 🙂
—Holly, September 23, 2015

🎶 Let it grow, let it grow 🎶
—Janet Stich, September 22, 2015

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