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Step by Step – September 24, 2015

People, it’s the little things. Last Wednesday, I broke out the shampoo! Last Thursday, I realized my lashes were thick enough to catch any flakes, so I switched back to my powder eyeliner. I think they’ll be long enough for the lash curler and mascara by this coming weekend! My cardio and strength training is making strides as well. My weights are back up to where they were pre-cancer, and my cardio is actually better than before. Trés passionnant!

My sense of taste is still a bit f’d up (might take up to 6 months post-chemo for it go back to normal). I wonder if that’s why I’ve started enjoying Pinot Noir. I’ve tried to like red wine in the past with little to no luck. But, at Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, I had some Pinot Noir and actually liked it.

Today was one of those great to be feeling good days (well, until it came time to help The Girl with her math homework). I got home from the bus stop and had a surprise email from the Botanic Gardens. One of the several corpse flowers they’ve been cultivating is blooming. Right now. This is happening. After the Geraldo-in-Al-Capone’s-Vault level of disappointment when Spike failed to bloom last month, hearing about Alice the Amorphophallus’s (ha – she said phallus) surprise debut this morning, I was super excited. After hitting the gym, I headed over to CBG to see (and smell her). She smelled like cooked cabbage, old dirty socks, and a hint of monkey house. I took photos with my big girl camera as well as this silly selfie with my iPhone. The good pics will be up on Flickr & Facebook later – once I get them off my camera and uploaded.


Original Comments from the CaringBridge Blog:

Glad things are moving along. Pinot noir is my fave. Not surprised the phallus is stinky!
—Susan Rosenthal, September 29, 2015

I’m with Loop on the Pinot Noir. Of course, most wine ends up equaling a hangover in a bottle. Or so I’ve heard.
—Holly, September 29, 2015

Hint. Pinot noir tastes good until you drink a bottle of it. Then it’s just a hangover in a bottle. Trust me. Not that
I’ve ever drunk an entire bottle of wine or anything.
—Laura Roberts, September 29, 2015

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