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I’m Fine – May 18, 2015

I have to say something, and I hope none of you reading this think I’m not grateful, because I really am thankful for all the support I’ve been getting from friends and family. When you cheer me on, it makes me feel stronger. Still… I know that when everyone asks me how I’m feeling, they mean well; but, I’m not an invalid. And it’s going to be a loooooong summer if people keep asking me (at least 3) every day how I’m feeling. Especially when they do it with those puppy dog eyes and sad, concerned voice. People. it’s just a bit of cancer. I’m not dying. I’m not puking from the chemo. I have one or two icky feeling days per cycle, and about a week and a half of being tired. It’s all quite predictable, too. Days 1-5 I feel fine – maybe a little tired. Days 6-8 I crash from the sudden cessation of prednisone. Also, at this time, I’m most prone to infection (up through day 14), hence last weeks penile episode (if that doesn’t make you chuckle with the knowledge of an insider, go back and read everything from last week. I’ll wait).

I'm looking over a four leaf clover... This is the fifth one that The Girl has found since Saturday. #cy365
I’m looking over a four leaf clover…
This is the fifth one that The Girl has found since Saturday.

Ok… continuing on. I may start feeling back to normal as early as day 10, all the way through day 21. Then, it starts all over again. So, if you’re wondering how I’m feeling, you can refer to this handy dandy little guide. And if there’s any question, I’ll most likely post about it if I’m not feeling great, or the least bit out of the ordinary. For example, today, I noticed a bit of tingling (neuropathy) in another fingertip that hadn’t tingled before. But, it’s nothing too exciting. Not even worth an email to my oncologist. I’m sure I’ll mention it the next time I see her (probably tomorrow).

Original Comments from the CaringBridge Blog:

Let’s make a lunch date!
—Susan Rosenthal, May 19, 2015

Personally I think a full face tattoo that says “I’M FINE” would be a great solution. I mean, then you would have a permanent memory of this experience? Right?
—Lenna Scott, May 19, 2015

Well–Yippee —-Keep telling us like it is! Big Hugs!!!
—jo Wilken, May 18, 2015

Well, hell! I’ve NEVER found a four leaf clover and your little one has! Now, I’m green with envy! Good job, Meredith! Deb, have you received or bought any new headwear? I’ve seen some pretty cute ones lately, so if you have a few, you need to model them for your followers! They are even classified as “chic”! I told you that your grandfather was dapper — you can follow in his footsteps!  Have a GREAT week and keep your wonderful attitude!
—kay matton, May 18, 2015

“People. It’s just a bit of cancer.” Deb, your voice in this journey is just the best. Unique and bold and straightforward and honest. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling pretty good so many days of each cycle.
—Miriam Schiffer, May 18, 2015

I have never seen a real live 4-leaf clover before. GOOD GOING, MEREDITH!
—margo barbakow, May 18, 2015

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