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Live from treatment room 6! – July 7, 2015

Here we are – round 5. In some ways, the time has flown. In others, it seems this has been dragging on forever. Well, it has been since the start of the year. In any case, I can’t wait to be done with all of this. Only one more round to go!

The morning started with a port draw and a teachable moment. Joanne did my port draw, but she was training Rose, another nurse. Joanne’s great at explaining things, so Rose lucked out there. Plus, the teacher in me had to make it a team effort to overwhelm Rose with info. 🙂

Next, I headed to radiology of my spinal chemo. This time they were running only about a half hour late. I was far less nervous this time, because I knew what to expect. Happily it was also far less painful than the last time. The doctor used a slightly smaller gauge needle. Last time it was a 20 gauge and with a traditional needle tip that’s beveled. This time the dock used a 22 gauge needle with what they call a pencil tip. The tip is literally shaped like a pencil tip instead of that beveled life of a traditional needle. The advantage of this kind of needle is that instead of slicing through the dura (membrane encasing the spinal cord – think epiDURAl), it pushes it apart, which studies show can lessen the risk of spinal headache. And yes, Erica, I’ve been flat ever since (except for lunchtime bathroom breaks) and have been drinking my coffee like a good girl. And since Hubs is off today, I can get horizontal again after the car ride home, and stay that way until dinner.

My awesome doc, Dr. Gimelfarb, was kind enough to take a photo of the needle in my back. And no, that’s not my butt crack. It’s back fat, people. Baby got back! On the right is the procedure tray – after the procedure. The thick one with the pink plug on the end was laying on my back just to figure out where to place the needle when looking under the fluoroscope. The needle on the left (grey end) was used to puncture my skin because the pencil point needle isn’t sharp enough to puncture skin without a major ouchie. The one with thr black end was the one that went all the way in. The syringe held the meds. At least, I think I’m right on all of that. I should have asked because I’m not 100% sure how the 22G needle connected to the tube that the meds went into. I’ll get clarification next time.

One of the nurses had her infant grand baby come visit, and hearing those baby giggles in the hallway was a great distraction. I wondered when the crying was going to start but it never did. That was impressive. And fun. But no way in hell I’d want to do that again.

Hubs brought today’s special guest in… The Girl! She came to check out the whole chemo thing after camp. She thought it was cool. BTW, there are two pics on this post, with descriptions. Once again, if you’re accessing this through the CB app, you’ll miss out.

The Girl was my special visitor for chemo round 5.

The cats are doing better (I think). We let them out of the basement yesterday and there was a little bit of peeing going I’m in the dining room but I think it stopped. At least I hope so. In the new Nature’s Miracle clean up juice that I bought seems to be eradicating the smell much better. Fingers crossed.

Wow – posting this just under the wire. We finished in under 6 hours today. A first! And… SUBMIT!

Original Comments from the CaringBridge Blog:

Your benedryl eyes and smile remind me an awful lot of college times. Not judging. Just saying 🙂
—Laura Roberts, July 7, 2015

Almost at the finish line! Your amazing spirits are inspirational!
—Susan Rosenthal, July 7, 2015

You and Meredith and your eyes are BEAUTIFUL!
—Adrienne Meyer, July 7, 2015

You are in the home stretch now. You are amazing!
—Michele Barbera, July 7, 2015

Good spirit!
—margo barbakow, July 7, 2015

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