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A Bit Better – July 31, 2015

I’m definitely feeling more “up” today. As is The Girl. Since she still had a temp around dinner time last night, I kept her home from camp again. Happily, she’s been fever-free all morning. Here’s hoping I don’t catch whatever she had, because if I do, we know it’ll mean incineration. Though I’m not penis-ified until Monday or so, any fever above 100.3 would probably land me in the clink anyway.

So, yes, we’re doing better. She and I tag-teamed her nails for a mani-pedi, and we’re going to get gross drive-thru food for lunch.

Speaking of gross food, I had to take a Zofran a few minutes ago. That’s a first – getting queasy so far out from the actual chemo day. But, this cycle is supposed to be the hardest on me. Meds-wise, it’s also the day of my last prednisone dose. Woo hoo! It’s unfair to have to take that stuff when I don’t even get the benefit of the energy boost. I swear, yesterday, I never would have known I was on 100 mg of steroids. Although, perhaps without them, I would have been entirely comatose, instead of just mostly sleeping.

Besides finishing my prednisone (a definite chemo milestone, as that’s the P in the R-CHOP chemo regimen), I just scheduled my end-of-chemo PET scan for 8/20. Yippee!!!

*Afternoon update – I now have the lovely Neoplasia pressure in my head – not the spinal headache. Just a heavy feeling. No bending over for me. Oy! At least I only got a minor twinge of bone pain in my shin – hooray for Claritin. This is so much fun. I just keep telling myself… It’s the last time. It’s the last time.

Original Comments from the CaringBridge Blog:

You’re almost there!! 😉
—kay matton, August 1, 2015

I love seeing you check these accomplishments off your list! You go, Deb!
—Lauri Harvey Keagle, July 31, 2015

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