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My Haunted Leg – July 31, 2015

Yes, friends, it’s a Gilmore Girls weekend. After all, what better way to pass endless hours on the couch? And yes, this head pressure is still going on. Considering Hubs and The Girl are going on an overnight Midwestern adventure to Michiana, I thought it wise to touch base with the esteemed Alla, who assured me I will not pull a Joyce Summers in their absence. Interestingly, she also mentioned the head pressure may be from the methotrexate (the lovely intrathecal juice she’d been giving me the last three cycles). I wouldn’t have necessarily noticed it the first time since I was battling that spinal headache. Makes sense, I think.

Well, I finally made myself hit pause so I can try and get some (non-lorazepam-assisted) shut-eye. Eh, maybe I’ll pop one. It is, technically, a prednisone day, albeit (I love that word) the last one.

G’night everybody!

Original Comments from the CaringBridge Blog:

Hope you were able to get some sleep.
What are they doing in Michiana? I’m from there!!
—Jodi McKee, August 1, 2015

I send you a gentle Good Morning Hug–That full moon last night was probably pulling at you last night–Hope you slept well—
—jo Wilken, August 1, 2015

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