Summer is in Full Swing

Summer is in Full Swing

It’s summer! School is out. The Girl is away at camp. She’s signed up for 3 weeks with the option to stay a 4th. We will find out at the end of this week if she wants to come home or stick it out. Last Friday there was a wee bit of homesickness, but I believe she’s fine now. Though, It’s hard to tell for sure from the posted pics because she’s not been great about mugging for the camera as much as I’d like. Here are a few recent snaps, shamelessly screen grabbed from the camp website:

Plus, it took a week to get any mail from her. These came today, and they’re from last week!

Sent before the homesickness set in

I’m missing The Girl, but at the same time, enjoying this bit of freedom. Hubs and I have gone out on a few dates (since a sitter is not needed), and tonight we head to the movies… on <gasp!> a Wednesday! Things are getting crazy around here!


In other news, I’m still PRing all over the place at CrossFit Kilter.

Now, I’m headed upstairs to do some major blowtorching of messes that have been ignored for too long. While I do, please enjoy this greeting from George:


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