As much as I would have been proud to be a part of the Women’s March on Washington, I couldn’t make it – not even to a local sister march. I am so thankful for the amazing people I know who did attend the peaceful protests, and I was incredibly moved by all of the images that popped up all over the internet of women supporting women all around the world. I was inspired to be more active in protecting and furthering women’s rights. I was also inspired to learn how to knit and make my own pussyhat. Not just because of the bandwagon effect, but because I was floored by the ignorance of one of Drumpf’s doofuses who asked if the hats were American made (can’t remember who that was, but if someone tells me, I’ll update here with a link). Anyway, I sort of learned to knit last year – I made little samplers that were about the size of a blanket for a Polly Pocket. This time, I wanted to knit something for real. I wanted to make my very own pussyhat.

I found the official Pussyhat Project website, got my supplies, and went to work.

All told, I have no idea how many times I restarted, but it was a lot. I finally made some headway when my friend Mary suggested I go get some bulkier yarn and thicker needles (3rd image below). She’s a big knitter, so I jumped on her advice. Whadda know? it was TONS easier that way. And faster too!

Unfortunately, I ran into a few issues anyway, like weird holes. I did some YouTube sleuthing, and figured out what I did wrong, and learned how to undo it. Did you know that ripping out rows in knitting is called frogging? Because you ripit, ripit, ripit. Cute, right? Well, I’m now expert at frogging and after watching several different videos, found a great method for picking up my row again.


Voilá! Cute, cozy, and ready for the next protest!



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