Project 365

Project 365

It’s now day 77 of Project 365 -2011. This is the first time I’ve done this, and am, for the most part enjoying it. I am getting to the point where life is getting too busy for me to process all my photos each night, and the backlog is building. Still I’m managing to post to Flickr every few days, so I’m not falling too far behind.

“What’s Project 365?” you ask? It’s a commitment to take one photo a day, for an entire year. I’ve read about people who get bored/distracted/give up at various points in the year, but I’m quite determined to see it through. Though, as I write this, I’m already getting tired.

On the upside, with warmer weather coming, I’ll have so many subjects to photograph, and won’t be stuck with what’s around the house. I’m looking forward to trying to set up lots of different shots with the girl. So far, I’ve done great with her hands and dirt.



That’s a running theme with her anyway (her love of dirt does NOT come from my side of the family).

Next week, I’ll be starting a new photography class – Your Life: Captured Through the Lens, and is taught by the talented Katrina Kennedy. She also taught the class I won from CK and took in December. But, back then, I was still using my Sony DSC-H9. Now, I’m using a Canon Rebel XS (a REAL camera) and a Tamron 18-270mm lens. THIS will be a fun class. I can tell. And, I even paid for this one!

Now, if I can just manage to find time to process all the photos I’ll take in class…..

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