In Search Of a Best Price and Just a Little Common Sense

In Search Of a Best Price and Just a Little Common Sense

Since before the holidays, I’ve been looking for the best price I could get on the Leapster Explorer for my daughter’s birthday (which is next weekend). The price was $59.99 everywhere I looked, then up to $69.99, then back down to $59.99 just after Thanksgiving. Then, Toys R Us had it on sale for $5 less, but I decided to wait it out and see what better deals might come up. Of course, it went back to $59.99. Ok, fine. I could deal with that.

The other day, I got my rewards letter from TRU with a $5 coupon. Excellent! I went in there today to find they’d upped the price to $74.99. Um. No. And, they wouldn’t price match Target, who was still at $59.99. So, I was off to Target. Of course, they were out of it. Drat.

Ah ha, but WalMart had it. They were asking $69.97, but said they would price match. Great! Over to WalMart I went. At the checkout, they told me they could only price match with a paper ad or something that showed the dates the price was vaild. I tried to explain that this item wasn’t in the ad because it wasn’t on sale. The price I wanted them to match was the regular, everyday price. They wouldn’t budge. I offered to call on my cell phone and put it on speakerphone so we could verify the price.  Nope. No ad, no price match.

Now, I ask you, does that make sense?

Oh, and if you’re wondering, yes, I bought the darn thing, but am hoping to find it in stock somewhere before daughter’s birthday at the $59.99 price.

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