I Zrrrbrrrt You

I Zrrrbrrrt You

As I was tucking the girl in tonight, we snuggled, told knock-knock jokes (hers made no sense and that’s what I love about them), and giggled ourselves silly. When I finally told her it was time for hugs and kisses and to say good night, she said, “Wait! I have to zrrrbrrrt you.” But, we’d been giggling so much, that when she put her mouth to my arm, all that came out was, “blarrrgghhhhahahahaha.” After several more attempts, she tried my cheek, and finally got it done without laughus-interruptus.
I kissed her again, said goodnight, and as I walked out of her room, I felt quite proud that my post-Cosby Show-era, 4-year-old child knows what a zrrrbrrrt is.

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