George Knightly Moran: May 1(ish), 1999 (or 2000) – May 19, 2019

George Knightly Moran: May 1(ish), 1999 (or 2000) – May 19, 2019

Sunday morning, we lost our beloved cat, Georgie to kidney failure.

I had a feeling the end was near, as he’d been losing weight and his appetite was waning. The vet confirmed my suspicions with bloodwork. Knowing his days were numbered and few, his restricted diet to treat his hyperthyroidism went out the window. He got lots of catnip and roasted chicken (his favorite), and it was the most I’d seen him eat in weeks. But, that only lasted a couple of days. By Saturday, he’d stopped eating and drinking completely, and passed away peacefully in our home on Sunday morning.

Enjoying roast chicken breast for dinner in bed last Thursday night.

He was such an amazing cat. Despite his sometime nickname “Urinator,” he was such a good boy (as I often told him). Once so skittish that he’d flee the room if someone sneezed, he came out of his shell when The Girl arrived in our family. Instead of running from the doorbell, he was eager to greet and spend time with everyone who visited. I think he was quite the proud and protective big brother. He guarded her bedroom door every night from the day she first came home. Even when she dressed him up on occasion, he seemed happy to humor her. Of course, the love between them was mutual.

  • Sitting together on the rocking chair

Like many cats, he often did his own thing, but weekend mornings and late nights were our special times together.

  • My arm candy

Like all cats, he was a sucker for a good nap.

  • Really, he'd nap just about anywhere.

He was the cat who always came when called. He loved butt scratches and chasing the laser pointer dot. He enjoyed sniffing at the fresh air when I’d open the sliding door in the kitchen (and leave the screen closed). He was a voracious eater. I had forgotten how much until I rediscovered this photo:

He’d eat continuously, all day, until he exploded, if we let him. To keep his portions down, and to keep our sanity, for a while we used an automatic feeder that “revealed” his food every 12 hours. From about 8:00 on (sometimes earlier), George sat in anticipation of 8:30, when he could feast again.

George was a tolerant big brother to his adopted feline sibling, Alex, who was around 15 years his junior.

  • Getting to know each other in the very beginning

This cat had the best purr, loud and strong. He purred whenever people were around, when he was getting pets, scratches, brushes, or just in human proximity.

He loved human companionship – even from little kids who were maybe a little rougher than most cats would put up with. He won over everyone he met. People who didn’t like cats would often tell me how much they enjoyed his personality. And personality he had in spades. I swear, his face lit up whenever someone walked in and looked at him.

  • A favorite early photo of George in our old kitchen.

I keep thinking I see him out of the corner of my eye, and maybe I do. In the early morning hours this morning, I could have sworn I felt him jump up on my bed, heard him purr. And maybe he did. I believe that the spirit of our loved ones hang around a bit after they pass – giving us comfort for as long as we let them and need them.

My Auntie Barbells sent met this the other day. Meet you at the bridge, Georgie!

Georgie was truly the best boy and will live on in our hearts forever.

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