COVID Chronicles – Part 1

COVID Chronicles – Part 1

The feral creature emerges from her lair of cables, screens, and cosplay crafting to retrieve the sustenance left outside her door.

Sounds like the start of a dystopian novel, doesn’t it? Except it’s not a novel. It’s life in 2020. Despite being super cautious with distancing and masks and hand washing (oh my!), The Girl got COVID. It started last Tuesday with fatigue, chills, and a low grade fever (100.4), and by that evening she was coughing, stuffed up, and had a headache and stomach ache. By Wednesday morning she had lost her sense of taste and smell. I knew it wasn’t just from being stuffed up when I gave her some Lemonheads, and she couldn’t taste them, but her tingling salivary glands begged to differ. Hubs took her to Immediate care to get tested. They spent FOUR HOURS in the car waiting to be called inside. Then, another hour later she’d been swabbed, doctored, and they headed home where she was sent to COVID jail (isolation in her room).

Thankfully, she was already feeling a great deal better by then, though she still couldn’t smell or taste anything. But, thanks to remote learning, she was back to school on Thursday.

Friday evening, my phone buzzed with a notification. Her test results were in.

So, THAT’s fun. We cancelled our plans to shoot candy at trick or treaters with the leaf blower. She sobbed over her lost opportunity to celebrate Halloween. Feeling awful for her, we decided to do something drastic to cheer her up. I managed to locate a (nearly impossible to find) Nintendo Switch at a Target in the city. Though we couldn’t go get it, my amazing, city-dwelling brother-in-law, Tony, could. I placed the drive up and go order. Tony picked it up first thing in the morning and drove it up to our house. I was able to get it set up on our network and reboxed in time to put it outside The Girl’s door before she was even awake. Happy COVID-mas (?)! She happily hunkered down with YouTube videos going on a Chromebook, FaceTiming with friends on her phone, and setting up her island in Animal Crossing. I have no idea what that last part means, but I assume it’s very important based on her diligence for 8 hours straight.

More to come…

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