Week 3 – Can’t Come Up With a Catchy Title

Week 3 – Can’t Come Up With a Catchy Title

Happy Sunday! This past week has been chock full o’ stuff. Spring is finally moseying in, so during my photog class, we actually got outside to take some photos.

On our way down the hall to head outside, I saw this workbench through a window. It stopped me in my tracks and I knew I had to capture it in the children’s work area outside the Learning Center. Several of us had taken some cheesecloth outside with us to attempt to diffuse the sunlight. I stretched mine directly over my lens to lend an aged, faded appearance to the image.
Besides the usual daffodils, there were actually other flowers in bloom, like this Maché Yellow Persian Buttercup.

After class, I got to have lunch with my friend Julie, who also happens to be my rabbi. We enjoyed some food, each other’s company, and some unexpected sunburn. And lucky me, I’m still “allergic” to the sun and break out in itchy bumps with my first exposures (see what I did there?) of the season.

Even so, I wasn’t quite done with image making for the day. The little blue Siberian Squill blooming in the parking lot dividers were so darn pretty. The light was better earlier, but I didn’t have time to stop until after lunch. I still like what I came up with. I think they’d make great jigsaw puzzles.

For homework, we were tasked with making a landscape, as well as a still life image where the light wrapped around the subject.

Despite the itching (still itching after a week, FYI), I spent a few sessions at Lake Carina, practicing my long exposure landscapes. No, of course I didn’t bother with sunscreen and burned my ankles, leading to more itching. Anyway, I was hoping for some very specific clouds for those cool shots with the water all still and the clouds streaking across the sky, but alas, I didn’t get quite what I wanted. Still, I don’t think it was a total loss, and I can always go back. Maybe I’ll even remember sunscreen!

I rounded out the photography week with a still life study of my dried bridesmaid bouquet – still pretty after nearly 13 years.

Meanwhile, in other realms, I kicked ass at CrossFit this week, including a PR on my back squat.

PR @ 115 lbs! #crossfitkilter #strongnotskinny

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Looking forward to another photog class tomorrow. Can’t wait to get back to the box on Tuesday!


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