Another Follow Up Visit with Alla

Another Follow Up Visit with Alla

I was supposed to have my 3-month follow up visit with Alla two Thursdays ago, but seeing as I was still suffering from the flu or flu-like plague, I rescheduled for last week. And by the way, I had a major freak out over that. My left parotid gland had become visibly and painfully swollen, and I was convinced the cancer was back (though, I wasn’t going to post about it until I knew what was up – no need to worry everyone). Well, the swelling was down a few days later, and when Alla poked and prodded me, she couldn’t feel a thing.

So, other than the fact that I dyed my hair purple again (because I knew they’d all get a kick out of it), it was really rather unremarkable. I couldn’t even get my blood test results for a few hours they were fine, by the way), because the lab there was “broken” and they had to send all blood out to an associated hospital. So, we chatted, I defended my earlier freak out over my formerly insanely swollen parotid gland (due to the virus), and we laughed about it. Some day, I’ll stop worrying, right? 

Maybe not, because cancer still sucks. In the past week, I’ve got 2 friends who lost parents due to the fucker. And another friend’s dad is fighting a metastatic recurrence. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: FUCK CANCER!

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