A Bisel Update

A Bisel Update

Last week, Hubs and I got tested for COVID antibodies. We pretty much knew mine would be positive, but since he never really had symptoms, we weren’t sure about him. So, we went out on our first date in at least nine months. Romantically holding hands as we walked through the hospital to the lab. After checking in, we waited to be called. I was first. When the big kinda scary looking guy opened the door and called my name, I said, “Oooh, I got the good one!” Hubs thinks I’m a hospital nerd with phlebotomist trading cards. But, I’ve had the pleasure of Sir Melvin’s blood draws in the past. He is AH-MAYzing! He lines up the needle with the vein, takes aim, and I swear he literally throws it in. His coworkers say when he puts a needle in it’s like he’s playing darts. It looked like there was a magnet in my arm, and he released the needle and it went right in. And of course, I didn’t feel a thing.

We got our results just a few hours later:

Woot! We both have antibodies!

Now that I’m armed with antibodies for the next couple of months, I’ve been working out at CrossFit Kilter again – at least while I’m in the 3-month safe range and there’s no need to supervise The Girl during school hours. Yesterday marked 3 years of CrossFit for me and today is my WOD-aversary. The traditional WOD before Christmas is patterned after the song, The 12 Days of Christmas. I scaled the weight down and did some alternate movements in a few places, but I got it done, feeling better than I have the last couple of times I did it. Certainly better than the first time, when I could barely move for the next two days! Here’s how we celebrated today:

It’s the most wonderful WOD of the year…
There’s burpees and barbells and wallballs and pull ups…
My hands didn’t tear!
It’s the most wonderful WOD… of the year!

And now, to shower and start prepping for Christmas Eve dinner. Also, I’m going to try to have one more drink recipe up for you later today, once I take a photo of it. 🙂

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