Training/Photo Walk

Training/Photo Walk

On Saturday, I ran the first outside training run I’ve done in years. When I ran my route – the same route I used to run when I ran regularly – I noticed it with a different eye this time. A photographer’s eye.

It’s spring, and I’m seeing budding trees. But, now, instead of just seeing random green, I see the shapes. The lines. The shades of color. I think macro. I think filling the frame. I think angles, exposure, and shutter speed.

On Sunday, my training schedule said I had to walk for 40-60 minutes. I decided to walk the same route I ran on Saturday, but I decided to make it a photo walk, so I could actually take pictures of all the things I saw and thought, “Oh, I wish I had my camera for that!”

The first was a tree on my street that caught my attention. I loved the new leaves, unfolding from the buds.
Tree - close up

I took a few more shots of the same tree before moving on (click to view larger).
Tree - looking up Tree - reaching in

When I made my way to the start of the trail, I remembered I wanted a shot of the mini stop and street sign at the beginning (or end, depending on your POV) of the gravel path. I’ve always thought it was so cute.
Mini stop sign

I had an assignment for my photog class to take a photo of one object in two different ways. As I walked, I chose the power lines.
Power lines Power Up!
I also liked this perspective on the water tower.
Water tower

When I got to the neighborhood playground, I knew just the image I wanted to capture. The park district is in the middle of remodeling our playground. There’s a big mound of dirt and gravel that they’ve dug up, off to the side. For a while now, there have been a few tufts of daffodils blooming randomly on the otherwise barren and desolate mound. They were still there the day before, so I was excited to finally have my camera with me to capture the odd sight. Unfortunately, it seems someone came by and clipped most of them – probably to put in a vase.
Daffodils in dirt #1 Daffodils in dirt #2

I was quite amused to come across a kite eating tree.
A kite eating tree!
Poor kite!

Another, cute, little stop/street sign – and the trail continues….
The trail continues....

I didn’t keep following the trail. Instead, I turned back into the neighborhood, and found this beautiful magnolia tree.

Finally, as I came back to my street, I looked up and saw the sun trying to peek from behind the clouds, its rays faintly spreading out in all directions. I didn’t know how well my camera would capture it, but I gave it a try. I like it, and it became my Project 365 pic of the day.

You can see all of these (and more) images in larger sizes on my Flickr page:

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