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Spoke Too Soon – June 4, 2015

Well, I spoke too soon on the tummyache staying at bay. It arrived early this morning. No, it’s not fun, but hey – if it’s still gone by the weekend (per schedule), I’ll be a happy camper.

Now that I’ve experienced what can happen if I get sick (looooong, boring days in the hospital), I’m being extra cautious about germs during nutropenis week (that’s this week). I’ve sent Adam to the store several times on his way home from work (Sam’s Club, Jewel). No way I’m going in one of those places without a solid immune system again! I had to take The Girl in to school late one day this week because she had a podiatrist appointment (she had to get a wart on her toe treated). When I took her in the school, I donned a mask. I wonder how many people in the office first saw me and thought SARS!

Ok, Margo, what tale should I tell people if they ask why I'm wearing a mask?
Ok, Margo, what tale should I tell people if they ask why I’m wearing a mask?

Last night, I got all sweaty before going to bed. No fever. Couldn’t figure it out. It just happened randomly again. Great. Just as summer is about to be upon us. NOW, I get the chemo hot flashes. The thought was that since I haven’t had them thus far, I would escape this particular bit of hell. No such luck. And, yes, I know what you’re all thinking, because this is what everyone thinks of:

Now, for some good news. You may have read the stories lately that scientists have determined that there is definitely something in body chemistry (though they don’t know what) that makes mosquitoes more attracted to some people than others. I’m one of those people with an invisible neon smorgasbord sign that only mosquitoes can see. After 4pm, I can’t be outside once those buggers show up for the spring. At least, I couldn’t, until now. I was hanging out in the neighbor’s yard the other evening, and there were mosquitoes everywhere. But, they weren’t biting me! Apparently, they don’t like chemo blood. Hooray! A positive to this stuff (beside the cancer killing factor)!

Original Comments from the CaringBridge Blog:

Why are you wearing a mask? Answer the question with a simple question: WHY DO YOU THINK I AMWEARING A MASK?
—margo barbakow, June 4, 2015 

Who knew about the mosquitos??? I am enjoying your pop-culture references. Missed that show!
—Miriam Schiffer, June 4, 2015

I know this is wrong on some sort of level, but I honestly kind of look forward to your posts. I mean the whole cancer aspect sucks ass and everything but I adore your writing and you make me laugh out loud every time. In your trials you raise others up. That makes you a real writer my friend.
—Laura Roberts, June 4, 2015

some good news regarding the mosqweetos. 🙂
—Mary Schumann, June 4, 2015

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