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R&R – June 19, 2015

Today was makeup day with The Girl. We went to a paint-your-own-ceramics place, which we were supposed to do yesterday, but my body had other plans. When we pick up our fired creations next week, I’ll be sure to share them. We ran a couple of other little errands, and now we’re just chillin’ outside. She’s playing with a neighbor (chalking up our driveway), and I’m reading and blogging on the front porch.

Nice setup, eh?
Nice setup, eh?

I’ve been keeping up the caffeine to ward off any niggling headaches, and the blood patch seems to be holding, so that’s good. My back is still a little sore, but I’ll take that over a migraine strength headache any day. Funny thing with the caffeine (and the 100mg of prednisone). You’d think I’d feel crazier than I do. I mean, I’m a little shaky from all the stimulants, but I’m still a bit on the tired side. That just goes to show how strong the chemo drugs are – somehow overpowering the chemicals that should have me bouncing off the walls.

Back to my book now. Have a happy Father’s Day (if you happen to be one)!

Original Comments from the CaringBridge Blog:

So you and your neutropenia(s) have bright joy to my day. I was reviewing a patient record and the patient had neutropenia. I lol’d and said out loud neutroPENIS! Just wanted to share that.
—Laura Roberts, June 19, 2015

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